How to choose the best Cosmetology School?

If you want to become a hairdressing professional, you have to train specifically in an academy or specialized center. We explain in detail how to choose a good hairdressing school and what it will contribute to you on a theoretical and practical level.

Requirements that a hairdressing school must meet

To acquire sufficient knowledge that will enable you to be a hairdresser, it is essential that you train properly in regular or Online Cosmetology School. The first thing is to choose a good academy, center or school that provides you with the necessary techniques and content to be a good hairdresser or hairdresser.

The school you choose must meet these fundamental requirements:

The specialization

Choose a hairdressing school where you can learn from teachers with experience in the sector and in the world of aesthetics in general.

The trends

Make sure that your hairdressing school trains you in the latest trends in the sector, that it is up to date with all the news and that it offers you current training.

The installations

It is important to train in adequate facilities to practice what you have learned. That is to say, keep in mind that your hairdressing school will offer you a suitable place to carry out cuts and hairstyles with all the beauty and aesthetic instruments and materials necessary for this work.

Professional practices

Training to be a hairdresser is fundamentally practical and therefore, in addition to the theoretical contents, your hairdressing school must include professional practices in beauty centers. This way you will have an approach to the way of working, you will gain professional experience and it will be easier for you to enter the labor market.

The material

Before training in any hairdressing school, check that it puts at your disposal all the necessary materials for your learning, from the theoretical contents to the necessary tools to develop your profession.

What are you going to learn in a hairdressing school

You can train to be a hairdresser with a course in hairdressing and styling, with a basic Hairdressing and aesthetics, in Touched by an Angel Salon and School for Hairdressing and Hair Cosmetics or a higher degree in Styling and Hairdressing Management.

If you prefer to take a course instead of professional training, you can specialize in hairdressing and styling. With a course in this subject they will show you how to do a hair analysis, to design protocols for technical work and apply aesthetic hair care.

You will learn to make total or partial color changes in the hair, prepare the equipment and wash and condition the hair and scalp. In addition, you will train to make hairstyles of different styles and to advise and sell products dedicated to personal image.

What to do after studying at a hairdressing school

In recent years the number of hairdressers has grown by 2.3%, the sector generates 200,000 direct jobs and 35,000 indirect jobs and the turnover amounts to about 5,000 million euros per year. Regarding clients, 85% of women require the services of hairdressers, while 65% of men do.

Once you finish the training in a hairdressing school, you will be able to work as a technical director in hairdressing salons, hair stylist, manicure specialist … In addition, with your knowledge and skills you will be able to advise the client in beauty salons, beauty departments of companies dedicated to treatment of the integral personal image, clinics of treatments and hair transplants or aesthetic medicine.

With the knowledge that you have acquired in your training, you will also be able to work in the entertainment world: companies dedicated to fashion, film or television photographic studios, advertising companies.

With your official qualification of hairdressing technician FP you will be able to start and set up your own beauty salon anywhere. In summary, these are the jobs that you can develop with a training in hairdressing:

  • Hairdresser
  • Barber
  • Technician in hair coloring.
  • Technician in hair shape changes.
  • Technician in haircut.
  • Manicure technician.
  • Pedicure technician.
  • Technician or commercial agent of companies in the sector.
  • Receptionist in hairdressing companies.
  • Demonstrator of equipment, cosmetics and hairdressing techniques.

A hairdressing school will offer you specialized and necessary training to enter the labor market in this sector. If you want to train in one and do it successfully, you can count on Campus Training to reach your goal.