How to Choose the Best Condo Unit for Your Family?

The best way to choose the perfect condo for your family is to determine what you need. You can have a lot of options when it comes to units and availability. The question is, does it fit your needs? What are the conveniences you want when you choose a condo unit?

The Best condo unit for your family does not necessarily have to be big or beautiful, but it has to be the one that will best suit your lifestyle and your family’s size. For example, suppose you are a family of four or less. A condo unit is best for you because most condominium buildings are built near the commercial center of urban places. According to of San Diego California listings, you have tons of options to choose from. 

Get A Realtor

When you visit some realtor websites, you can see the available condos, descriptions, photos, and the details you need about the property. You can also talk to an agent through chat if you need more information, advice, or you have questions.

Determine The Location

Is it near your work or your child’s school? The condo will be best for your family if your kids’ school is accessible from it, especially when both parents are working. Is the location near the conveniences you need?

It is better to check the property area, see about the peace and safety situation around it. Visit it also during the night. See if it can be conducive to raising children.

Check For The Price

The property’s price should be within your budget, even if all other considerations are good for you and your family. The condo unit should be within your budget. Discuss this with your bank and determine a schedule of mortgage payments to see if you can afford it. Remember that you need at least two rooms when you have a child. The bigger the space you need, the higher the cost.

Know The Amenities and Parking

What are the amenities in the building? The swimming pool and clubhouse are good, but maintenance of such are included in your monthly dues. Check with the association about all available amenities for you and your family. A place for the kids to hang out and interact with other kids is important. This is a better place for them to stay after class or on weekends which means fewer worries on your part.

You should check the availability of parking space for your car. Then, determine if you have to pay an additional cost and include it on your budget and security guards’ costs.

Monthly fees and Regulations

Before putting on reservation fees, ask the association about the monthly maintenance fees and the existing rules and regulations of the homeowners. It is also better to find out the status of finances of the HomeOwners’ Association. For example, do they have an existing fund for immediate repairs? Does every unit pay for the monthly dues?

It is good to get all the necessary information and be vigilant about knowing the status of the HOA. Mismanaged HOAs can mean mismanaged funds that will create problems in the future.

Age of the building

It would be best if you also did some research about the age of the building. Older buildings can mean that maintenance costs will be higher. It is okay if the HOA has an existing fund for maintenance and asks for additional contributions for every repair. It is always better to ask the HOA staff about these things than to be surprised when you are already settled. Older buildings have more reviews, and it is better to read up before deciding on a reservation fee.

Read The Contract

Read the contract, review the rules and regulations of the HOA. It is also necessary to have a lawyer review these contracts before signing up. More thorough research is always better. You can ask your future neighbors about the real situation when living in the building.


Having a home you can call your own is good, but you have to consider these things mentioned above before diving in. The more information you have, the better decision you can come up with. Always bear in mind that this will be your family’s home for a longer period. The cost of moving in and moving out again is high, and the repercussions of canceling the contract can be excruciating on your part.

Create a checklist for all the things that you and your family needs and the things that can be deal-breakers for you. It is always better to discuss this move with your entire family before making a big decision like this. Good luck in finding your new home!