How to Choose Stand up Pouches for Food Packaging

This article will discuss how to choose a custom stand up pouch for food packaging. Regarding all the food products available in the market today, it can be said that “No one size fits all”. Different packages are needed for different products but almost all can still fit in stand-up pouches. 

This is due to the versatility of stand-up pouches as it fits all needs of flexible packaging of food, irrespective of the type of product being sold. Different types of packages are available in the markets e.g., capped, spouted, resealable which make stand up pouches the right choice for food packaging.

Stand up pouches are becoming more and more famous in the food industry. They create a number of laminations e.g., foils and poly. Layers recreated by these laminations make the film which is then built and sealed on the corners surrounding the bottom to make a standup pouch. They also include many other features like tear notches, bottom gusset, hang windows and holes, and reclosable zipper. 

Bottom gussets allow the pouch to stand on the surface and make bag filling easy and suitable. A reclosable zipper helps the food to remain fresh even without refrigeration. Tear notches make bag opening easy without using a knife or scissors. Market Business Tech

Traditional packaging in cans and jars takes more material than stand up pouches with a difference of 75%. Also, pouches are cost-effective than the traditional packaging methods. Light-weighted features of pouches reduce freight costs as well. Storage space is also less required. 

Poches have a wide panel that works as a billboard for the brand, from a marketing perspective. Following food items can be packaged in stand-up pouches, protein powders, rice, coffee, tea, pet food, pills and pellets, candies, oatmeal, snack foods, and baking powders.

The canning method for food packaging has a number of health hazards that can be overcome by using stand up pouches. Following are the reasons that stand up pouches are good for beverages and food packing:

(1) FDA

Standup pouches must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). All the stand up pouch manufacturers offering to stand up pouches with FDA approval are safe to use. FDA is the leading testing company of food and product-related to food sold in the US. FDA tests packages and approves those which are found perfectly safe for foods and liquids storage.

(2) Water-based Inks

Stand up pouches that use water-based inks for custom print are also safe to use for food packing. These inks are non-leaking hence they do not get mixed or react with food products packaged inside. They do not mark color on the food product packaged. Water-based inks are safer than inks that are dye-based because they are stronger.

(3) Contaminants

Custom printed stand up pouches must not be contaminated as contaminants can spoil the food packed inside and hence it will affect the product sales. Ultimately it will bring bad fame to the product brand which is hard to build again. So, stand up pouches must be used by the company which guarantees the cleanliness of packing material.


In this article, the necessary checks to choose custom standup pouches for food are discussed. Packages that are FDA-approved use water-based inks, and use contamination-free materials are safe for food packaging. Stand up pouches must be strong enough to protect the food I side from bacteria, moisture, and the mild blows which occurred during transport and handling. To sum up, most of the health factors regarding stand up pouch packaging for food must be considered to ensure business growth and to earn or maintain a good name and reputation for the brand.

Jennifer Alex

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