How to choose real estate agent in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates traditionally attracts a large flow of foreign citizens. They buy real estate in Dubai both for moving to a permanent place of residence, and as an investment. The country with a rapidly developing economy welcomes external capital and allows expats to have properties in Dubai. However, buying a property in the UAE on your own is not always easy. The official housing website tries to figure out why it is worth contacting a real estate agency and what points should be taken into account when choosing apartments in Dubai.

Advantages of using the services of property agencies – h2

In any country, there are peculiarities of legislation, without knowledge of which the conclusion of a transaction can lead to sad consequences. The UAE is no exception. Contacting specialists allows you to:

  • Simplify the process of choosing an apartment in Dubai and do not doubt its legality. In the United Arab Emirates, you cannot buy apartments in every region. In a number of emirates, only long-term rental is possible. The cost of housing is directly related not only to the area, but also to the area of location. Even in Dubai, which is considered one of the most popular investment destinations, prices vary significantly. A specialist who is familiar not only with the pricing policy, but also with the infrastructure of a particular community will help you choose the best option depending on your needs.
  • Not to doubt the legal purity of the deal. A prerequisite for a qualified agency is having a license, without which all the activities is not regulated by legislative norms. Large companies specializing in the sale of apartments cooperate with trusted agencies and have lawyers who are familiar with the peculiarities of the legal framework of the UAE.
  • Not to worry about possible difficulties related to the language barrier. Real estate agencies successfully work in the UAE housing market with all foreign citizens.
  • Use the best property offers to buy a suitable flat in Dubai. As a rule, deferred real estate have the most affordable price on the market. The longer the term is, the lower the price is. On the website of a licensed agency, you can always find offers directly from the developers.

The more reputable a company is, the more it values its reputation. This is done in the interests of customers to minimize risks. Specialists will tell you in detail not only about the features of choosing a home, but also explain the procedure for buying and registering it step by step.

What you should pay attention to when choosing – h2

Those who are planning to buy an apartment in the United Arab Emirates should pay attention to the following points when searching for an agency:

  • Work experience. The longer this lasts, the better and more effective the ties on the domestic market. When the scheme of actions is clear, there is no doubt that there will be no problems with selection and registration of real estate in Dubai. The longer the period of work is, the more realistic the reviews about the company’s activities are.
  • Qualification of employees. The higher it is, the better specialists understand the local peculiarities of the market. Even in one residential complex there may be many apartments that differ both in area and price, and in the degree of comfort. The employee must know this situation to offer the client the housing that he would like to buy.
  • Design of the sales catalog. A reputable organization does not start doing business by filling out a feedback form instead of providing a real estate database. The catalog should be intuitively simple, so that a potential buyer of a flat in Dubai can first give the impression of the market, and only then use the services of specialists.
  • The number of offers. Obviously, the larger the range is, the higher the trust is in the service provider.

How to simplify the choice of buying real estate in Dubai – h2

Large companies offer an adapted real estate agency search system. The selection criterion in this case is the type of real estate, which can be not only residential, but also commercial. Not all agencies specialize in all relevant housing types. You should also know this if you are not planning to buy yet, but are renting a foreign property in Dubai.

4 tips for those who are planning to buy a house in the UAE – h2

Experts recommend that you first make a general impression of real estate in the UAE, and based on the information received, you will be able to learn the peculiarities of the local culture, mentality and rhythm of life. It is unnecessary to come to the UAE to make a deal, there is a legitimate possibility of using the remote method. According to Emirates.Estate, only a small number of transactions are concluded remotely. Therefore, it is desirable to see the selected area from the inside.

It is also worth considering:

  • Related expenses. For example, when concluding a transaction in the UAE, a commission of 4% of the total cost of housing is required. These are minor expenses compared to the total amount, but with a limited budget, they can be important.
  • Housing maintenance. This point is not always taken into account, and if it is an elite property with a convenient territory, flat prices in Dubai can be huge.
  • Payment method. In the UAE, you can pay for apartments not only in cash, but also with mortgage loan. If you plan to use a loan, you should specify this when registering the property.

Emirates.Estate provides qualified assistance in choosing a real estate agency in Dubai – h2

The company has many years of experience and cooperates with proven local agencies and developers. There are no difficulties with the language barrier or doubts about the current advertising. The information is carefully checked, which allows you to find an investment apartment in Dubai in accordance with search filters. Do not delay the choice, so as not to miss the most favorable offers from real estate agencies.


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