How To Choose Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor tiles are vital in making sure that your patio area looks impeccable. One of the essential elements which guarantee an attractive look and can encapsulate anyone who sets their eyes on them.

While one does have indoor tiles, something to denote here is that outdoor tiles are equally important when it comes to endowing your household with a personality unlike any other. Hence, if you want to make your home and its exterior aesthetically pleasing, these tiles are the way to go about it.

What kind of Outdoor Tiles materials should you use?

If you have a swimming pool, an outdoor Jacuzzi, or an area that gets wet constantly, you need a natural stone that is non-porous and not susceptible to damage.

Thus, outdoor tiles should be such that they are waterproof, aren’t slippery, and are protected from the sun’s UV rays to some extent.

What are some materials from which you can make Outdoor Tiles?

There are abundant materials from which outdoor tiles are made. Some of them which are widely popular are:

1)  Limestone

Packed with creamier tones and a textured surface, the benefit here is that it’s not slippery. This then calls for added safety, as you can easily make your way across the patio, after swimming in the pool, without the fear of breaking any bones.

2)  Slate

Slate naturally comes with a beautiful finish and has some vibrant tones, such as green and beige. The advantage here is that slate can complement the style of all homes, be it older ones or new ones, and craft a highly contemporary look on them.

Moreover, owing to its versatile and durable nature, slate’s popularity in the world of the home interior continues to surge.

3)  Marble

Marble is some people’s superior choice, especially when the call is to use it for outdoor use. This is because it is aesthetically pleasing and also textured, therefore avoiding slippage of any sort.

4)  Sandstone

Sandstone is famous for its excellent slip resistance and the ease with which it can be maintained at minimum cost. Thus, with sandstone, you get a look unlike any other.

5)  Granite

The thing with granite is that it comes in black or gray undertones, which has made it a customer favorite across the entire globe. It is timeless and also makes sure that you don’t end up slipping.

Hence, the above-mentioned outdoor tile components are popular worldwide because they are robust, timeless in nature, and captivating to anyone who sets their eyes on them.

What are some man-made Outdoor Tiles materials to opt for?

Man-made outdoor tiles are highly attractive and a relatively budget-friendly option. Our top picks in this case are:

·        Porcelain

·        Terracotta


If we talk about porcelain, it isn’t porous, making it a viable option as cleaning such tiles is easy. Moreover, it is also resistant to fading or encountering any scratches. In addition to the above, such manufactured titles are also slip-resistant, making them an impeccable choice in a household full of kids.


Terracotta is known for its ability to offer brown, red, or greyer tones. Hence, if you want your household to resemble that of a medieval cottage-style garden. Thus, if you’re going to channel such a vibe, Terracotta provides you with this uplifting and exciting opportunity.

Having said the above, to make sure that your tile selection is made in the best manner possible, some things to pay heed to are,

1)  Paying consideration to the budget

How much are you willing to spend on your tiles? What is the current budget which you have? Once you have finalized the above, you will be able to purchase the tiles of your choice. A well-designed patio doesn’t have to be expensive to insure that it offers all kinds of functionality – it can be cost-efficient and enable you with the same practical benefits.

Hence, the lesson here is that you should make choices of your outdoor tiles depending on your budget. You do you, and let others watch.

2)  Minding the weather

If your area experiences frequent rain showers, you need to ensure that you have weather-specific outdoor tiles in place. If they aren’t non-porous, then you risk cracking them. Therefore, you have to acknowledge a plethora of factors before you finally finalize your purchase in this regard.

3)  Making sure that your choice is in alignment with your current color scheme

In order to ensure that your tile choice is perfect, what takes precedence is that you don’t clash your house’s color scheme with the tiles you have chosen. If this is the case, then your household’s visual appeal might get tarnished if you aren’t careful. Therefore, always mix and match to see what works!

Contrasting color schemes never look good, and we don’t want you to regret your choice in the end, so we recommend that you make a rather prudent one today.

4)  Lighting makes a difference

If you have dark tile colors, then the area can feel quite gloomy to look at. For this very reason, you should think of light colors if the area you live in doesn’t receive a lot of light in the first place.

The best way to do this is by installing colored tiles in areas such as under the trees or on the patio, where sun exposure is less. Once you do this, you will notice how brilliant your outdoor place will look.

The Bottom Line: Outdoor Tiles and their Quality Matters!

All in all, outdoor tiles are your savior when it comes to delivering a highly aesthetic aura to your household. They seamlessly get the job done, and if you haven’t gotten factors such as the color scheme right, they become nothing short of an asset that sticks by you for decades to come. Additionally, the material also matters, and for this very reason, the ones we have suggested above are viable choices to opt for.