How to Choose Men’s Jewelry Chain

Nowadays, it is easier for men to put on jewelry around their necks. Not only do these neckpieces give them a sophisticated look but are also high additions to their outfit. However, several cynics may try to convince you that jewelry is only for women. Well, that is not the case in the modern era. Men, irrespective of their profession, wear necklaces to give themselves that elegant and stunning appearance. Furthermore, if they select and put them on correctly, it will help showcase the enduring and masculine adornment the chains possess.

Putting on chain necklaces enables a man to not only unveil his individualism but also help them to show gratitude for advanced details. But, like a rapper or a businessman among other professions, there are certain factors that you need to put into consideration before choosing men’s jewelry chain, and below are some of them.

Purchase contemplations


Gold is without a doubt the luxury choice in the jewelry industry. However, purchasing an expensive necklace can be very exasperating as it involves a lot of concern and care to ensure it neither gets stolen nor worn out. Thus, you need to be vigilant when getting your neckpiece. To refrain from getting into the tacky territory, choose a thinner and more understated jewelry chain for men. Leave the gigantic, gaudy chains to rappers and other businessmen. Go for the best gold quality chain that you can opt for to ascertain productivity and depth of color.

Silver, on the other hand, is a natural, comfortable, and classic choice when it comes to men’s designer necklaces. Additionally, you need to consider your safe space. Gold is a bright metal that demands attention while silver is elusive and works perfectly with traditional menswear grey palette.  If you value longevity, instead of going for silver-tone design necklaces that are cheap to produce and of low-quality, purchase solid sterling silver.

Size and length

The thicknesses of a chain necklace determine the kind of statement your accessory will make. If you want a simple chain without any pendants, go for a thickness of 2 – 6mm and a length between 18 and 22 inches. Pendants, however, look better with longer chains that finish in the middle of the chest. 


One of the many questions that most people often ask when putting on jewelry is whether to add a pendant or not. Individuals who want something definitive and marginal often steer clear. However, those who desire a more dainty and exquisite appearance will put on a pendant. Pendants help supplement personal and intriguing things thereby enabling you to express yourself. There is a vast array of symbols and icons that you can choose from. Hence, when shopping around for the best men’s jewelry, go for something relevant to your taste as well as individuality.


There are various brands of men’s jewelry that you can choose from. However, you need to ensure that you go for products that are not cheap to produce and are of good quality. You would not want to purchase an item and only put it on for a year or less. You need to rock that erudite and refined look as much as you want. So, go for a jewelry brand that will best bring out the persona you want.

Men can add to their jewelry collection the numerous chains that are available in the industry. Today, as a man, you can put on a chain necklace and rock a stunning look. But, it may be difficult for you to know which jewelry items to purchase. However, that should not trouble you as above are some tips and guidelines that can help you select the best men’s jewelry pieces.