How to choose health insurance? 7 keys that will help you

You have decided to take out private insurance but you do not know how to choose health insurance with all the variety on offer that exists in the market. More and more people are encouraged to take out private health insurance that complements public services. But if you are one of those who still have doubts, keep reading this post where we will give you the keys on how to choose health insurance and in this way we will make it easier for you to choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

Before giving you these keys on how to choose health insurance, we are going to briefly explain, for those who do not have as many notions about private health, what it consists of and what are the reasons why you should seriously consider having one of them. 

Do you know what private health insurance is?

It is convenient that before launching to contract a private medical insurance you know what exactly it is. Well, health insurance is no different from any other insurance since the operation is the same. The client accesses health coverage by paying a premium, and all the details of this coverage are detailed in the policy that the client contracts.

Why should you have private health insurance?

There are many reasons, but the most important reason why people are increasingly encouraging themselves to take out private insurance is the immediacy and peace of mind of being able to access certain services at any time you need. Also, being able to choose the medical center or the professional you want to assist you are compelling reasons to take out private health insurance.

What is clear is that it is an additional guarantee and regarding health issues it is to be taken into account.

7 keys that will help you know how to choose private health insurance

After putting ourselves in context a bit, we are going to advise you on how to choose health insurance to make it easier for you to opt for the health insurance that best suits your priorities. Take a look at these keys that we provide you that will surely favor you in your choice:

Economic solvency of the insurance company

The first thing you have to take into account to know how to choose health insurance is if the company is financially solvent and if it is specialized in the health sector. Each country has different regulations and because of these differences, the “establishment standard” of health insurance can vary from country to country. Health Insurance in Dubai is certainly different from Health Insurance in Egypt, for example.

Choosing the policy that most interests you

It is advisable to evaluate the conditions of the policy to make sure that it covers those services in which you are interested. You also have to bear in mind that there are health policies that already include supplements and other policies in which if you want to include any additional insurance as a complement you have to do it separately, which is the case of dental insurance.


This point is important since it is about the benefits of the policy. And it is one of the key aspects of how to choose health insurance since it is about the needs that you want to cover or to which you want to have faster access. You can choose between primary care, preventive medicine, hospital surgery, specialties or emergency services, among various coverages. In addition to this, if you wish you can also hire treatments, alternative medicine, psychological help, etc. Keep in mind that normally, the more services included in a coverage, the higher its premium will be.


Another factor to take into account on how to choose health insurance is to know the exclusions of the insurance you want to take out in case it is not of interest to you or it does not cover most of the needs in which you are interested. To avoid misunderstandings, you must declare to the insurance company if you have an illness.


Knowing the periods of lack of insurance is an essential factor before contracting it to avoid possible surprises in bad taste. If you have a health problem prior to contracting the insurance, the waiting periods are something you should know about. Do you know what this term means? It means the time that elapses from when you take out medical health insurance until you can use it. Not all coverages have a grace period but, for example, in the case of insurance for pregnant women, the provision of assistance during childbirth does usually have. If you are reading this and you are pregnant, click on the following link to find out what is covered by insurance for pregnant women.


Now let’s focus on the price. This depends on various circumstances such as your age and that of the people you want to add to your policy. It also influences the residence and the type of insurance you want to hire. As for the payment method, it depends on the insurance company, you can do it monthly or quarterly, semi-annually or annually.


Finally, another factor to take into account when choosing health insurance is co-payment. Do you know what it is? We refer to the amount that an insured person must pay for requesting a consultation, undergoing a test, etc., that is, for a medical service. You should know that when you take out health insurance you have the option to choose between medical insurance with a copay or without a copay. It all depends on the level of health you enjoy, of course if you rarely go to the doctor, the option that best suits you is the co-pay option.

Have you decided to take out health insurance? After reading this guide on how to choose health insurance, we hope that you already know what elements you should look at before hiring it and in this way you are satisfied with your health insurance.