How to choose: Dry Herb or Marijuana Concentrate?


Do you use weed? Do you love weed but don’t know which way is best to consume it? Well, here is your answer. Weed is a plant that has been used for centuries, and there are many ways to enjoy it. You can smoke dried leaves or flowers, vape dry herbs in a vaporizer, or consume cannabis concentrates like shatter and wax. There are two types of marijuana: dry herbs and concentrates. To discover the right marijuana type, you should consider various factors. First, you should consider the experience you aim for, your budget, and your desired mode of consumption. 

Since the legalization of marijuana in countries, the plant has become sought-after in the cannabis industry. The medicinal and all-around benefits make this plant indispensable among marijuana users. To help you choose the best way to enjoy your marijuana, we discussed the difference between dry herb and marijuana concentrate. This way, users know which one to use and the best way to do so.

Difference between dry herbs and concentrates

It might not be easy to choose the best way to use marijuana. However, with consistency and trial of all the available options, it will become straightforward for users to determine their favorite method. Dry herbs contain dry loose-leaf flowers with some other dry natural herbs. Some natural herbs used for dry herbs include lavender, which can serve as a remedy for sore-throat pain alleviation. Therefore, dry herb vaping entails heating some dry herbs to produce inhalable vapor. 

On the other hand, cannabis concentrates are the fine, waxy version of dry herbs. As a result, vaping concentrates give a sharper and more intense feeling than vaping dry herbs. Furthermore, we can say that concentrates are the more intense version of the base products from which they are made. Lastly, we found out during our research that when users vape concentrates, they experience an enhanced potency of each puff. You can use a concentrates vaporizer for this.

The Ease of Use

Using dry herb vaporizers is not all that different from using concentrated vaporizers. However, there are certain things you must know about these vaping devices to efficiently and easily vape your substance. It’s easier to use dry herbs vaporizers as you don’t have to go for specially designed or adapted ones as concentrates. While there are some exceptions, it is uncommon to see a regular vaporizer that will be effective for concentrates. Seeing this makes users believe that it is easier to take dry herbs as they don’t have to compulsory purchase a vaporizer that has been adapted to concentrates. However, you should know that concentrate vaporizers are much cheaper than those for dry herbs. 

As the vaporizers for dry herbs and concentrates vary, the steps also vary slightly. To use dry herb, you must grind up your herb as vaporizers can’t work with large chunks of herbs. Then load the ground herb into the herb chamber for vaporization. Set your vape 

The Potency

There is a distinct difference between the potency of dry herbs and concentrates. First, we want you to understand that concentrates contain about 60-80% THC. In contrast, dry herbs have only 10-25% THC is very meager compared to that concentrates.

 Furthermore, we want you to know that concentrates have been isolated. Thus, when you vape them, they produce stronger hits that you can’t get from vaping dry herbs. As a result, you use fewer concentrates than dry herbs while vaping since you get to your desired “high” more quickly. However, if vaporizing concentrates those not work for you, you can switch to dry herbs vaporizers. Dry vaporizers are not useless as they help preserve the aromas of terpenes in cannabis plants. Thus, if you want to enjoy the raw effects of cannabis, you can consider vaporizing dry herbs.

The Taste and Speed of Effects

Cannabis plants contain terpenes which give off the distinct taste and smell that each plant possesses. Additionally, these terpenes work with cannabis’s THC to produce a psychoactive effect. However, concentrates often lose part of their flavor and smell when manufacturers extract them. Thus, you can go with dry herbs if you love the strong taste and aroma of cannabis. After extensive research, we learned that vaporizers offer faster and stronger to people consuming dry herbs and concentrates. Furthermore, vaporizers offer dabbers a discreet method of consuming cannabis in public.