How To Choose Clothes According To Body Shape?

There are many types of women’s clothing, and different body types are suitable for different dressing styles. Here I will tell you how to pick the right Wholesale Leggings according to the characteristics of different body.

  1. Body Type Is More Obese:

It is appropriate to use the dark, cool tones rich in contraction, so that people look thinner, producing a sense of slimness. If you wear light shades, the face is very light shade, people look more fat. But the muscle is delicate and rich women, bright and warm tones are also appropriate; fat body women are best not to wear clothes with exaggerated floral patterns. Choose solid colors or three-dimensional pattern, vertical color stripes can make the fat body type straight to elongate, producing a slender, slim feeling. Fat people wearing short tops try to avoid short skirts, tops and bottoms than too close, the greater the proportion of the more slender, the jacket is still open to wear the best effect.

  • Body Type Thin:

Clothing color selection is rich in expansion, expansion of the sense of light colors, calm warm tones, so as to produce a sense of amplification, look fuller, and can not be cool blue-green tones or high brightness of the bright warm color, that will look thin and transparent weak. Can also use the clothing color adjustment, such as large plaid, horizontal color stripes can make the thin body type lateral stretching, extension, become slightly fuller;

  • Pear-Shaped Body:

The upper body is relatively thin, waist thin, thick thighs, hips too large. In dressing the upper application of bright tones such as white, pink, light blue, etc.; underwear with dark tones such as black, dark gray, brown curry, etc.; up and down against, highlighting the upper body slim, hiding the lower body effect will be better; hips are too large, should not wear too short jacket. The short jacket, with special care in the match, so as not to self-storm its short. May not be a short jacket not buckle open wear, inside with the clothes should also be short, just over the navel, and pants waist articulation, the most can create the illusion of long legs; In addition, the bottom of the hem to choose a slightly loose, and will not be the most beautiful jacket and the bottom of the tight fit up.

  • Apple-Shaped Body:

The upper body round fat, chest, waist circumference is thick, while the legs are relatively thin. This body type is exactly the opposite of the heavy pear type, the upper body should wear dark-colored clothes such as black, dark green, dark coffee, etc.. Underwear with bright light colors such as white, light gray, etc. White pants with black tops work very well.

  • Short Legs Body Type:

The color and pattern of the top than the bottom of the gorgeous conspicuous some, or choose a uniform tone of the suit, but also can increase the height; try to wear dark tones of pants and so on.

  • Leg Belly Thick Body Type:

whether wearing short skirts or pants, long and short socks are as dark as possible, to make the leg belly look thin; thick waist body type: best to wear dark tops such as black, dark coffee, bundle a belt with clothes of the same color or near color, will produce the effect of thin waist;

  • Narrow-Shouldered Body Type:

The top should be light-colored or with horizontal stripes Wholesale baby clothes, to increase the sense of width, the bottom should be darker colors, more set off the thick sense of the shoulder.

  • The Lower Plate Body Type:

Except wear the popular short jacket, you also can be put under the sweater or knitted sweater out, or in the low waist tied in a section or wide version of the belt, can balance the proportion of the upper and lower body lines, but also to cover up the effect of modification. Women with short necks should not wear high-necked clothing, which will highlight their shortcomings! Suitable V-neckline and low-neckline clothing to dress themselves.

  • Normal Body Type:

The freedom to choose clothing color is much greater, bright and warm colors look playful and colorful, dark tones, cold colors can also be matched with cold handsome charming, the choice of popular colors more rich in the era of color. You only need to consider the right skin tone, and the color of the upper and lower clothing can be matched.

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