How To Choose Between Highly Rated Helmets

Your motorcycle helmet may be the only thing between your head and the asphalt. Take some time to choose the best highly rated helmet for your riding style to stay safe on the asphalt highway, dirt trail or anywhere else you ride on two wheels. Compare helmet features, sizing and pair yours with the best motorcycle jackets for a killer look and complete protection.

Where To Find the Safest Helmets Online

Shop online to compare leading motorcycle brands and models. Whether your current helmet has expired or you’re just hopping on two wheels for the first time, here are some great reasons to shop online for your lid. Carefully compare these features, then find out why it pays to shop online for the helmet that matches your head shape, bike model and riding style.

Online shopping allows you to easily sort and review by safety ratings. At minimum, your gear should have a DOT safety rating. Other ratings to check out are ECE and SNELL. There are minor differences between each safety certification, so some manufacturers go above and beyond and certify their products through all three.

You should also choose a helmet that matches your bike and road type. A motocross helmet has the aerodynamics, ventilation and rugged protection you need for flying around hairpin turns on a racetrack. Cruiser helmets, on the other hand, are designed for long, smooth rides and maximum comfort. Don’t get caught with the wrong helmet, or you could face an uncomfortable ride.

There are plenty of brands that offer competitive helmets and other motorcycle parts online. Don’t worry about being loyal to a single brand, but shop around to see if their competitors have anything you’re missing in a quality lid.

Add Stylish and Comfortable Helmets to Your Riding Look

A common concern about online shopping is that you won’t be able to try on your new helmet. Read up on motorcycle helmet sizing and fitting so you can be confident your order will fit. A helmet should fit snug, but not too tight. There are three basic helmet shapes to consider as well. Compare round oval, intermediate oval and long oval helmets and see what type of head shape you have.

Now that you have a safe, comfortable helmet, be sure you have a lid you’re proud to wear around fellow riders. Whether you’re going for the classic black leather look or trying on something more sporty and flashy, grab a helmet that matches your riding style. A killer helmet doesn’t spoil your look, but completes the look you’re going for and matches your favorite ride.

Once you’ve picked out your ideal helmet, upgrade it with some cool gear. Communication devices keep you entertained and in-tune with your fellow riders. Discuss your route, listen to directions or rock out to your favorite music to make the road that much more enjoyable.

Order your helmet, jacket and motorcycle batteries online to enjoy insanely fast shipping and low prices on all your essential gear. Don’t leave home without head protection, but stay safe out there as you burn up miles on the highway or off-road trail.


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