How to Choose A Women’s Weightlifting Belt

Shopping for the women’s lifting belt is like shopping for a sports shoe because you need to have an idea of your requirements and try out different ones as per the comfort, fitting and functionality. There are a lot of things to think about when you’re going to purchase the weightlifting belt for women like the type of weightlifting exercises that you generally follow, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, powerlifting and so on. You need to narrow down your choices and the rest is on your personal preferences. 


A Thicker Belt is Not Always Better 

Aside from all the different breadths, there are many belts that come with 10mm or 13mm varieties. The thickness is something which provides stiffness to help the spine from bending like a slouchy thing. The thicker the belt, the better it will be and more likely to stay with you. For the first-timers, a thicker belt will feel uncomfortable. Because it’s usually for the people who are into tough experiences. You’ll be able to adjust to many types of weightlifting positions with the help of these weightlifting belts.


Material Based on The Weightlifting Style 

Belts are usually made from suede, leather, velcro. It usually comes down to personal preferences. For the powerlifters, leather belts are suggested as these tend to be better-constructed, durable and stiffer. A suede belt is the one that makes you feel softer and you won’t feel as comfortable as you want to. With the best material, you’ll get the best of both worlds. For Olympic lifting, suede and leather options will work better. You can go for the velcro style belt as it’s quite awesome for the extra mobility.


Fit and Comfort 

You never know which is the best belt in the world. You’ll definitely understand better when you try some of the fit and comfortable weightlifting belts. You will never understand which belt is the best until unless you work wearing it. You can follow stimulating exercises with the weightlifting belt for womenTo find out how big a belt do you need, you’ll have to measure the waist circumference towards the navel. Grab an inch tape and measure firmly. Make sure that the tape goes around the waist or the navel. Be honest about the measurements. You can also try out the belts with different widths. There are thick 4 inch belts, however, you can go for the lesser width as well depending on your comfort. For most of the people, 4 inches is a width that’s a sweet spot between the hip bone and the rib cage. 


To briefly conclude, whenever you try on a belt, you must start it by wrapping around the belly button and not the hips. You must avoid having the edge of the belt painfully pinching the skin while you’re attempting to hoist a scary amount of weight within yourself. Slightly taper it towards the front.  Apart from the width, thickness and comfort, there are many things like the durability, reliability and comfort that has to be kept in mind while purchasing the weightlifting belt for women. 


Happy Weightlifting!