How to choose a smartwatch

A smartwatch makes communication easy and convenient for you. It is a wearable device that allows you to make calls, send messages, interact with apps, track your fitness, take photos, listen to music and receive email or social media updates directly from your wrist. By using a smartwatch, your hands are free to complete other tasks. The latest smartwatch models are very capable devices that can perform all these tasks while staying dustproof and waterproof. For the best experience, choose the right smartwatch using our guidelines below.


Your intention


Your intention is a very important factor to consider when choosing a smartwatch. Some wearable devices are developed to enhance your communications. They are fitted with the ability to make calls through a GSM connection and a loudspeaker. These smartwatches can send SMS messages and be synchronized with your online accounts to receive email updates. Such smartwatches enhance your communication.

There are others that can track your fitness accurately through purpose-built applications. Such a smartwatch contains a pedometer, Global Positioning System (GPS), step counter, heart rate monitor, and a speedometer built into the device. These features record your performance and log the data for your analysis.

Another type of smartwatch is built for personal security. It contains applications for rapid communication, a built-in emergency alarm, one-touch SOS, and intense LED strobe light to deter an attacker. Identify your intention with the smartwatch and then choose a model that meets your expectation.


Design and materials


Just like traditional watches, smartwatches come in different shapes, colors, and materials. Some of them have rectangular faces while others have round faces. There are some that are made of plastic while others are made of metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium. Smartwatches can have rubber, leather, or metallic straps with magnetic or traditional pin buckles.

The main point of interaction with your smartwatch is the glass touchscreen which can be made of Sapphire glass or Corning Gorilla glass. In addition to that, luxury smartwatches can be encrusted with precious stones such as diamonds or coated with precious metals such as gold. All these options indicate that your smartwatch can be made of a wide range of materials and have a very unique appearance. As such, choose a unit that meets your aesthetic desires so you can feel confident when wearing it.


Your environment


Your smartwatch is a tool through which you can tell the time and communicate with your friends or family. It should be able to thrive where you live or work. With this in mind, choose a smartwatch that can keep functioning perfectly in your environment. If you spend time in watery areas such as the swimming pool, ocean, or car wash, choose a waterproof smartwatch. If you are a scientist, pick a unit that is shielded against magnetic waves.

Do you work in the great outdoors? If so, pick a smartwatch that has a hardy, weather-resistant case. Do you work with fashion models or in the entertainment industry? If you do, choose a beautiful, eye-catching smartwatch. Always consider your living environment when choosing a smartwatch so that you can use it safely and enjoy maximum utility from it.




Manufacturers have made great efforts to produce affordable smartwatches. In doing so, they make it possible for us to purchase these devices without straining financially. Despite this, smartwatches fall in a wide variety of price points where some are very affordable and others are very expensive. Begin by identifying a budget for your smartwatch according to the specific amount of money that you can spare. After that, shop for a unit that fits your budget and sticks to your financial commitment throughout the purchase.


Wi-Fi or GSM


A smartwatch can achieve communications in two main ways; Wi-Fi or GSM. A Wi-Fi enabled smartwatch relies on a wireless Internet connection so that it can send emails, interact with your social media applications, and provide updates. The device cannot achieve any of these activities without connecting to the World Wide Web (www). On the other hand, a GSM smartwatch contains a SIM card slot. It can connect to a mobile phone carrier and make calls or receive Internet connection through this medium. A GSM smartwatch offers more communication independence than a Wi-Fi smartwatch. As you choose a unit, weigh between these two varieties.


Operating system


There are hundreds of different smartwatch models and they all use two types of operating systems; Android and iOS. Android OS is very popular among smartphone users due to its simplicity and power while iOS is known for its beauty and security. As you choose a smartwatch, pick the OS that is most compatible with your own smartphone and meets your needs as well.



A smartwatch can act as an entertainment device and a communicator at the same time. It is perfect for those who enjoy having their hands free while making calls or listening to music. We have provided a number of tips on how to choose the perfect smartwatch. Follow them to pick a device that full fills your need for wearable technology!