How To Choose A Safe Formula For Your Baby?

If you are a parent and want to take care of your baby, you should know everything about your baby. When it comes to the choice of the formula for your baby, you must keep the baby’s health in mind. You don’t need to choose any formula that contains too many artificial ingredients, chemicals or preservatives.

Today, in every corner of the world, you will find many different types of products that are meant to meet the demands of babies. There are many companies that produce a wide range of infant formula. All of them promise the same thing to the consumers. They offer their products at affordable prices, so that everyone can buy them.

If you are a new mother and you have chosen to breastfeed your child, you should know that there are certain things that you need to know about breast milk and infant formula.

What is the best formula for a baby?

According to experts, there are many benefits of choosing baby formula over breastfeeding. These include, but are not limited to:

It is a better option for babies who are allergic to breast milk

It is a cheaper option for parents, especially for those who can’t afford to buy breast milk

It has fewer additives and preservatives than breast milk

It is much safer for the baby

However, if you are not breast feeding your baby and you are planning to give your baby a bottle of formula, you should know that there are different formula for baby available in the market that are safe for the baby. If you are not sure which formula to choose, you can contact a pediatrician.

How to choose a safe formula?

If you are a new mother and you want to choose a safe formula for your baby, you need to consider the following points:


The first thing that you need to consider is the type of ingredients in the formula. Some formulas have a lot of additives and preservatives which are harmful to the baby. Therefore, you should try to avoid such formulas. It is better to choose a formula that has less additives.

Amount of sugar:

The second thing that you need to keep in mind is the amount of sugar in the formula. Most formulas contain around 2 to 3 teaspoons of sugar. If you are giving your baby formula in a bottle, you need to dilute it with water. It is better to dilute it with water, as it will help to reduce the risk of choking.

Vitamin content:

The third thing that you need to consider is the vitamin content in the formula. Some formulas don’t contain any vitamin, whereas other formulas may contain a small amount of vitamins. If you are a new mother and you are not sure what to give your baby, you should choose a formula that has a high vitamin content.

Storage conditions:

The fourth thing that you need to keep in mind is the storage conditions of the formula. The formula should be kept in a cool place, preferably in a refrigerator. Make sure that the formula is kept away from direct sunlight.

Look at the expiry date

Some companies add chemicals to the formula even after its expiry date. So, it is better to avoid buying the formula which has expired.

Look at the label

The label of the bottle will tell you about the ingredients, manufacturing date, expiry date, storage temperature and other information. So, it is important to read the label of the formula.

Identify your baby’s needs

Identifying the needs of your baby is the first step to choosing a formula for him. You need to check his age, growth, weight, diet and activity level.

Choose the right formula

Once you know your baby’s needs, you should start with the search for the best formula. Start with the list of formulas that will meet your baby’s needs.

Go through the reviews

Now that you have the list of formulas, you can go through the reviews and see which one is the best one.

Talk to the mother who has used it

Talking to the mother who has used the same formula for her child will be a great way to identify the best one.


There are lots of brands available in the market and each of them has a unique formula. But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that the safety of the formula should be the first priority. It means that the company should not use any harmful ingredients that can harm the baby.

For example, one of the most common ingredients that we are worried about is BPA. It is an artificial substance that is widely used in the plastic industry. BPA is a hormone disrupter and it is also known to increase the risk of breast cancer. So, always try to avoid the products that have this kind of ingredient.

Other than that, you should also check the label and ensure that the product is safe for the baby.

Healthy Growth:

As the baby grows, it needs healthy nutrition. You must choose the best formula for the baby that is rich in essential nutrients and vitamins. It is also good to know that the baby can grow and develop faster with the right nutrition.

However, it is very important to choose a healthy formula as it will protect the baby from the dangerous substances.


If you are a working mother and you don’t have enough time to prepare a nutritious food for the baby then you must choose the formula that you can simply add to the bottle. It will help you to feed your baby easily and quickly.

Choose a formula that has no artificial coloring and preservatives:

There are a lot of harmful chemicals in the formulae, so it is recommended that you don’t use any kind of formula that has artificial coloring or preservatives.