How to Choose A Perfect Trampoline for Athletes

Trampolines have become more popular in the last few years. The indoor trampolines are suitable for toddlers and young kids, while outdoor trampolines are designed for elder kids and adults. Among all products, the gymnastics trampolines are heavy duty and have higher weight limits. Some adults use indoor rebounder trampolines for daily exercise purposes. But we are not talking about them, we are talking about the heavy-duty outdoor trampolines that are designed for athletes, gymnasts, sports persons, and anyone who wants to perform trampoline tricks & stunts.

How to Choose A Perfect Trampoline for Athletes

The purpose of buying a trampoline should be clear in your mind. You must choose the trampoline that fulfills your purpose. When you are looking for the best trampoline for doing tricks and stunts, you have to choose a gymnastics trampoline. Because it is the only trampoline category that offers heavy-duty construction, higher jumps, and still provides complete safety. Now, we are going to tell you some key features that will help you to choose the gymnastics trampoline for athletes and aspirant gymnasts.

Trampoline Size and Shape:

The size of the trampoline matters a lot because you are going to use it for doing tricks & stunts. In order to perform a trampoline trick, you need some space. And therefore you must choose a large trampoline with at least a 14-foot size diameter to enjoy doing your favorite tricks without any difficulty. After size, the next thing that affects the overall performance of a trampoline is its shape. The trampolines are available in round, oval, rectangle, square, hexagon, and octagon shapes. But we often see that most athletes, gymnasts, and sports persons prefer a rectangle trampoline or a square trampoline. The square and rectangle trampolines have different spring mechanisms than round trampolines. Each spring works independently in square/rectangle trampolines and that’s why they offer better bounces than round and other shapes.

Trampoline Frame & Construction:

The frame is the base of any trampoline. That’s why you should check the trampoline frame material, thickness, and coating information. Make sure the frame is made of heaviest duty steel or metal with thicker tubes. In addition to a heavy-duty frame, it should have strong joints (T-joints or others) to hold the structure tightly. The trampoline must have U-shaped or W-shaped strong steel legs to provide complete stability.

Weather Resistant Materials:

You need to check the materials of the trampoline mat (jump mat), enclosure net, and spring cover. Make sure all the materials are of premium quality and weather resistant. Because the jumping mat, safety enclosure, and spring pad will stay outside and get affected by different weather conditions. In addition, the jumping mat should have strong stitching for better holding and offer long-lasting performance. The enclosure net must be strong enough to prevent the jumper(s) from falling out while jumping on the trampoline. The spring cover is made of PVC with foam padding inside. Its primary job is to hide all springs and frame edges as well as save the jumper(s) from falling or getting pinched in springs. Therefore you should choose a trampoline that is made of the highest quality mat, net, and spring pad materials to be suitable for gymnasts and athletes.

Longer and Rust Resistant Springs:

The performance of a trampoline is mainly based on its size, shape, and springs. If a trampoline is large but it does not have good quality springs then its bouncing performance won’t be good. So, you should check the number of springs, size of springs, and quality of springs before choosing a trampoline for yourself. Make sure your selected trampoline has longer and tightly coiled springs. It should have high tension springs that can create increased bounces with every jump. Buying a high bounce gymnastic trampoline makes it easy and enjoyable to perform trampoline tricks in your home backyard.

Higher Weight Limit:

Among all recreational trampolines in the market, some trampolines are specially designed for gymnastics, athletes, and heavily weighted adults. Such trampolines offer the heavyweight capacity to allow any adult person to play and jump on the trampoline. The maximum weight limit offered by gymnastic trampolines is 550 lbs which is quite impressive. Some gymnastics trampolines come with a “No Single User Weight Limit” function. This function makes the trampoline the safest for a single user irrespective of his/her weight. Therefore we request you to check the weight limit of a trampoline and make sure you are choosing the trampoline with a higher weight limit to enjoy maximum safety.

Trampoline Cost and Warranty:

The regular trampolines are available at an affordable price but they aren’t suitable for athletes and gymnasts. They require a gymnastics trampoline that is specially designed for doing gym training and different tricks or stunts. The gymnastics trampolines cost much more than regular trampolines. Because they are constructed with heavy-duty frames, springs, and the highest quality materials. Moreover, they offer a higher weight limit to allow heavily weighted people to use it.

Final Verdict:

These trampolines often provide a long warranty which encourages you to buy them without worrying about repair/replacement cost in upcoming years after purchase.

The trampoline for gymnastics should be heavy-duty, weather-resistant, and sturdy enough to provide great performance and maximum durability. You need to check each and every detail of a trampoline carefully to ensure it will fulfill your needs and expectations. We hope that our buying guideline has helped you to choose a perfect trampoline for athletes to perform tricks & stunts.

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