How to choose a left-handed gaming mouse

Choosing a mouse dedicated to gaming and specific for left-handed gamers can prove to be a rather complicated operation, especially since perfectly symmetrical mice are difficult to find. One of the main features of left-handed mice is, in fact, on the hardware side, the absolute symmetry between the right and left sides. Furthermore, on the software side, the device must be programmed in this direction.

In this article we wanted to dedicate ourselves to¬†left-handed gamers by¬†selecting the best gaming mice currently on the market.¬†These are basically¬†ambidextrous solutions¬†, as the models purely dedicated to left-handed people are not of great quality.¬†Let’s start first, however, with some general considerations.

Left-handed gaming mouse: what to evaluate before buying

Before choosing a device of this type, it is necessary to evaluate some aspects of particular importance. Usually a mouse can be composed of an optical sensor or a laser sensor. Although these categories have different advantages and are appreciated by many people, one wins over the other as regards online gaming. We are talking about the optical mouse, ideal for more opaque surfaces and it is what is used by most gamers. The laser mouse, suitable for shiny surfaces and characterized by a greater number of Dpi, is instead the least recommended for those who want to play on the computer.

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You are unlikely to need a high number of Dpi (high sensitivity) when playing online.¬†However,¬†ambidextrous gaming mice¬†allow you to¬†change the number of Dpi¬†according to your needs.¬†An ambidextrous gaming mouse must also have excellent ergonomics, so that your hand, after hours of play, does not get tired.¬†Finally, among the additional features of a¬†mouse for left-handed gamers¬†, there must be the possibility to program the buttons at will, there must be the inclusion of an internal memory to save the profiles and, perhaps, an RGB backlight.¬†At this point, it’s time to find out which are the 5 most popular left-handed gaming mice of the moment.

The best left-handed gaming mice of 2019

The products we have included have been selected based on user comments and professional reviews currently available on the Internet. We are convinced that at least one of these ambidextrous solutions for left-handed gamers will satisfy your needs.

Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

For the left handed gamer, this ambidextrous mouse solution is among the best of the moment as far as wireless models are concerned . Its ergonomics allow prolonged use even for left-handers and the technical characteristics are definitely at the top. The G900 , which already hits the center with packaging, weighs only 107g, much lighter than other competing products. The DPI is adjustable (from 200 to 12,000 Dpi), the sensor is optical and the refresh rate is 1 millisecond. The battery allows 32 hours of use.

Trust GXT 177 Gaming Mouse

This ambidextrous mouse has a perfect symmetry along the vertical axis and has a rigid satin body able to transmit excellent solidity, making this product perfect for left-handed gamers . There are eight keys available, all reprogrammable via software. In the original configuration, next to the right, central and left button, there are four buttons (two on each side) and another located under the wheel: the latter allows you to change the PPE value in real time from a minimum of 100 to a maximum of 14400.

Razer Taipan – Gaming Mouse

What makes this mouse an ambidextrous object suitable for left-handed gamers are definitely the perfect symmetry and ergonomics: the side grips are textured allowing a claw grip; the upper part is arched, ideal for those who are used to gripping the palm of the hand; the small size makes this model very comfortable even for those with rather small hands ( the left-handed gaming mouse measures 124 mm in length, 63 mm in width and 95 g in weight). From a technical point of view, under the body there is a 32bit RAM processor, a 4G laser sensor with a sensitivity equal to 8200 DPI, which can be calibrated as desired.

SteelSeries Sensei 310

With a really cheap price (about 60 euros), this left-handed gaming mouse is a valid choice for those looking for a complete product in every sense. There are eight programmable, compact and very comfortable buttons: the silicone present under them allows you to keep your fingers in the right position.

The possibility of using this mouse with the SteelSeries Engine 3 software allows the reprogramming of the buttons, the creation of individual game profiles, the adjustment of the DPI, the control of the RGB lighting and much more.

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Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition Gaming Mouse

Razer is a leading manufacturer of gaming mice that recently launched Lancehead , an ambidextrous gaming mouse that ensures unprecedented transmission stability: synchronization is perfect and the connection is free from interference in the 2.4 GHz band.

This wired model, in its Tournament Edition version weighs 104 g, is equipped with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor and a tracking speed of 450 IPS. The Lancehead is also the first ambidextrous mouse to be compatible with the Razer Synapse 3 BETA : its configurator allows you to save settings directly on board in the cloud thanks to the recent hybrid memory functionality.

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