How to choose a great gift for friends (or family)

This week, Gift Raven explains some of the top tips you can use when choosing a gift for friends, family or other loved ones.

The first question you must ask yourself when choosing a gift for someone is: what do they like? What are their hobbies? Once you’ve established this, you can then narrow down your choice of gift. For example, if your dad loves his coffee, you might choose a personalised coffee jar or special ground coffee which is different to the one he usually gets. The most important thing to remember when searching for personalised gifts for friends is to make sure that what you are buying is high quality, easy to deliver and personal to the receiver. Don’t just buy any old, scented candle and wrap it up; think about exactly what your friends likes.

Another tip is to always buy gifts which are useful to the receiver. If you go out and purchase something which is never going to be used, there is no point in even buying a gift! Nobody likes to hoard junk in their house, so go for something special! You don’t always need to spend lots of money – sometimes the best gifts are actually pretty cheap. You’ll be surprised.

Another tip for choosing a gift is to find ‘problem solving items.’ This follows on from the last point about buying meaningful gifts which are useful. For example, everyone has trouble with battery life on a device at some point in their lives. Why not choose something like a portable battery pack? Or during COVID, you could get them a set of re-usable masks. And remember, you don’t have to buy boring, bog-standard variants of these items – there are millions of face masks on Etsy which have beautiful patterns and prints on them. You just need to have a good look around and something will pop out at you. Most of the gifts you buy on sites like Etsy are from trusted sellers who offer high quality items with UK-wide shipping.

Another important tip when looking for a gift for your friend or family is to always check reviews before purchasing. Sometimes, you can be lured into a cheap price or pretty picture – but be warned, some e-commerce sites have a reputation for poor customer service, slow delivery and bad quality. There’s nothing worse than waiting for a gift in the post that you need to give to someone the next day. Have a good read through all of the refund and delivery policies before ordering any gifts.

Last but not least, why not present your gift with a fancy card?! Cards are a great way to spruce up a present and make it that extra bit special. Nowadays, sites like MoonPig offer an extensive range of 3D and funny cards at great value. You can always write a funny message inside to make it memorable!

If you need personalised gifts for friends, Gift Raven is a great choice. They offer UK wide shipping and sell environmentally friendly, high quality gifts UK wide. They also offer a ‘gift choosing service’ where a dedicated representative handles the customer and chooses the ideal gift for them!