How to choose a good translation agency

Due to the massive globalisation we more often need to translate documents, websites, software and more. When you’re searching for a good translation agency, for example on google, many option pop up. But how can you judge if a certain agency has the right qualifications and how do you differentiate between them? We will explain how you can just if you’re dealing with a capable and decent party. 

Does the agency hire professional translators?

At first, you have to find out if the agency hires qualified and professional translators. This means that

  • The translators have the right qualifications and diploma’s
  • They have enough job experience (at least some years’ experience as a professional translator).

How does the agency deal with confidential documents?

Some document can be very confidential. It is important that the agency will deal with them properly. They have to use an online platform that is secured and in order that you can deliver the documents safely. 

Look up the specialization and expertise of the agency

All translation agencies have their own specialization when it comes to translating content. For example, some translation agencies are specialized in performing legal translations and others have more expertise in performing website translations. It is important that you outsource you translation job to and agency that has enough expertise to perform your particular task properly. 

Does the agency perform revisions of documents?

To guarantee that the translation is of good quality it is also important to check if the translation agency performs a revision after a translation job is performed. This means that after the translation has been performed, another person at the agency will check the documents and corrects it if needed. 

Check the accreditations of the agency

If you want some trustworthy information, check the accreditations. This will indicate that the agency is certified to perform different translation jobs. The accreditations can differ per country. Check which ones are distributed and if the translation agency has acquired one.

Trust your gut feeling

Another important thing is to trust your gut feeling. How does the communication go? Do they respond quickly to your request? And how do they deal with feedback from customers? These are all important issues to consider when you want to outsource a job to an translation agency.

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