For many of us, a dacha is a place of rest and tranquility. But to feel comfortable and safe there, you need a high-quality front door. How to choose it? Now we’ll tell you.

Features of the design of country doors

The front door of a country house differs from its apartment counterpart and has several features.

  1. Special operating conditions. Everything, from external finishing to installation, in a street entrance door should be designed for extreme conditions of its operation (temperature changes, humidity, etc.).
  2. Shrinkage. The owner of a new house should keep in mind that the building will shrink for at least a year. It may not be noticeable at first glance, but it will greatly affect the front door. Extraneous squeaks, difficulty in movement or loose fit will appear.
  3. Thermal insulation. The front door in the country is responsible for the “weather in the house.” Of course, if the site is located in a warm climate, or you simply do not plan to visit there in the winter, you should not bother too much. Feel free to choose inexpensive models from trusted manufacturers.

But if the cottage in your family is the place where you traditionally spend all the New Year holidays, we advise you not to save money and choose a door a little more expensive, but warmer.


Let’s dwell on the two most popular types of entrance doors for summer cottages: wooden and metal. Each of them suits its functions.

Wooden entrance doors

Entrance doors made of wood are chosen because of their appearance. An expensive tree looks beautiful and decorates the facade of a country house. But how practical are these doors?

Wooden doors are best placed in a mild climate without severe frosts and rains, provided that you have an alarm system and the territory is guarded.

Metal entrance doors

Unlike wooden doors, steel doors are durable, strong and effective against weather and intrusions.

  • Burglary resistance. Doors made of metal are the most resistant to breaking.
  • weather resistance. Entrance doors made of metal are not afraid of severe frosts, bright sun, rains and snowfalls.
  • Resistant to deformation. Metal doors are not easy to damage.
  • Various finishes. Steel doors are not only painted metal. The choice of both external and internal finishes is huge, starting with models with MDF panels and ending with canvases with glass and forged elements.
  • Tight fit of the canvas to the box. New technologies make it possible to achieve a “refrigerator effect”, so that the door closes almost hermetically.
  • They do not require special care. Regular wet cleaning and lubrication of the hinges every six months – care for metal doors is minimal.


When choosing the filling of a country door, be guided by how often you plan to come there.

If you are not going to go out of town in the cold season, then you do not need an expensive door. A high-quality monolithic construction filled with foamed polyurethane provides decent thermal insulation at an affordable price. And so that the front door does not freeze or leak during your absence, choose outdoor models with a thermal break.

If you spend a significant part of the winter weekends and holidays in the country, then you can’t go anywhere without an insulated elegance arch door. Models with multi-layer filling made of high-quality materials are best warm: polyurethane foam, mineral board, polystyrene foam, cork and foil foam. Additional protection against cold will be provided by a thermal break in the box and in the leaf, 3 layers of a special door seal.


Well-appointed houses outside the city often become the prey of intruders. Often this is due to the desire of the owners to save on front doors. After all, the dacha is not a place of permanent residence, which means that there is most likely no money and valuables there.

Alas, burglars don’t think so. And upon returning to the dacha, you run the risk of finding at least a mess and damaged property, or even a company of homeless people who have chosen your dacha as their wintering place. To prevent this from happening, approach the choice of a door for a summer residence seriously.

Let’s say right away that there are no doors that cannot be broken open. The difference between a cheap low-quality door

ew and durable burglary-resistant design consists in the time that the attacker will spend on opening. The longer the thief will fiddle with crowbar and master keys, the more noise he will create and attract attention to himself.

Worthy protection for your country house will be provided by entrance doors with:

  • Two locks.
  • One of the locks of the 4th (highest) class of burglar resistance.
  • Additional locking points (deviators).
  • Steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm.

It is recommended to install doors with lever-type locks in a private house – they do not have cold bridges and will not let cold street air into the dwelling.


The outer finish of the country door is constantly exposed to weather conditions. Add to this the protracted repair, sharp claws of pets and other dangerous factors. Not every coating will stand up to all these tests. If you do not want to risk the integrity of the finish, choose doors with a polymer powder coating. 

Resin powder coating is one of the most inexpensive and effective ways to ensure web stability. Powder coating makes the surface fire-resistant, impervious to moisture and the effects of physical damage in the form of scratches and chips. Painted metal will look good with a wooden or brick facade.

Which door to choose?

We found out that the main criterion for choosing signature doors for giving is the mode of residence.

So if the owner arrives at the dacha during the gardening period, and items of special value are not stored in the house, you can install a budget model, which is characterized by an average level of reliability and heat and sound insulation.

Let’s fix

  • When choosing a country door, be guided by how often you plan to come there.
  • Metal doors are more durable, safer and more efficient in all weather conditions than wood doors.
  • The design of the country door should be specially designed for installation on the border “street / house”.
  • The exterior finish of the door to the cottage is constantly exposed to a variety of weather conditions. Entrance doors with a polymer powder coating are not afraid of temperature changes, moisture and scratches.

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