How to Check RTO Vehicle Information Online?

The anticipated growth of used vehicles in India is expected to reach about 66 billion in 2022. This is, of course, a huge number. Why? Well, there are many reasons behind the trend of buying second-hand automobiles. The discounted price, varied choice, low depreciation rate etc., are some critical factors. This influenced the sales of new vehicles in India a lot. However, a couple of months back, the market for new automobiles is also getting a good balance. So RTO Vehicle Information and registration for both used and new is a must.

Whatever your choice, having Vehicle Registration Details is helpful and mandatory in India. There is no possibility of keeping a car or bike with no registration number, so be careful if you don’t want a lengthy litigation process and fine. Why and how you can check for RTO vehicle details? That’s easy to know; just read the blog below.

How To Find Vehicle Owner Details Easily With Vehicle History Tool Website?

Automobile registration is vital in cases like rash driving, accidents, and buying a second-hand vehicle. Yeah! The scenario can be varied, but findings can be needed often. The process is simple, too; we have detailed the steps as follows;

Step 1: Search and visit the official website of Vehicle History Tool to check for Vehicle Registration Details.

Step 2: Now, click on the top navigation menu option “Check Any Vehicle’s History Online.”

Step 3: It will take you to the next page, where you must enter the vehicle registration number (plate number).

Step 4: Click the option “Check History” and the human code if asked.

Step 5: All done; within a couple of minutes, you can get each detail of the vehicle ( car, bike, scooter, etc.).

This website is developed to build a strong database on all vehicles of the country within its registration. This is useful to know while counting pollution, used vehicles, new sales records, accidents, road crashes, etc. 

The Registration Details of Vehicles Includes:

  • Registration Date.
  • Registration Number.
  • Engine Type or Number.
  • Chassis Number.
  • Vehicle Owner Details.
  • Vehicle Class/Type.
  • Fuel Type.
  • Model and manufacturer details.
  • PUCC (Pollution Under Control Certificate).
  • Motor Vehicle Tax Validity.
  • Vehicle Insurance Details (If any).
  • Registration Certificate Status.
  • Seller or Dealer/Financier Name.
  • Road Tax Details.
  • Emission Norms Details.

How To Find And Check Vehicle Registration Details With Vehicle History Application?

The vehicle history tool application makes checking for  RTO Vehicle Information easy and instant. If you can’t access the tool’s official website online, an application download is a simple option to get details about registered automobiles on the mobile phone.

Step 1: Go PlayStore or Apple Store and download the application.

Step 2: After installation, login, or guest user can search for any vehicle history.

Step 3: Enter the vehicle registration number, and you will get all the details about it in seconds.

Step 4: Click on the asked search option, and you will find all information, including the owner’s name, chassis number, registration date, insurance details, etc.

The Reasons To Know Why You Need Vehicle Details:

Countless vehicles are bought and sold every day in India. Thus registration is the key to keeping a record of all. It is helpful for people to purchase used automobiles and even new ones. Registration of cars, bikes, scooters, etc., helps trace the owner’s details, number plate, etc. Why? Read the reasons below;

1. Accident Cases: Road accidents and hit-and-run cases do need to be tackled appropriately. Thus registeration of the vehicle is important to trace them and collect the details. This tool makes it straightforward and appropriate to know the owner’s name, number plate, and other confidential information in less time.

2. Used Automobile Purchase Decision: Planned for a second-hand car or bike purchase, then of course check on Vehicle Owner Detailsis must. Your decision-making for a used vehicle can be good with registration details. It will assure you of the automobile genuineness and authenticity of its owners.

3. No Objection Certificate: NOC has its own importance when people buy used vehicles within cities or states. Thus RTOs are established across India and give accessible data. Therefore, it makes no requirement for a No Objection Certificate of the automobile.

The Bottom Line:

Vehicle Registration Details are important to gather and know about an automobile within its plate number, vehicle type, owner name, etc. It plays a crucial role in cases of road accidents and used vehicle buying.

Yeah! The Vehicle History tool and website are centralized for the useful purpose of getting all details about vehicles anytime. It’s a Droom proprietary technology that is helpful in tracing all vehicles across the country. So you can say vehicle registration is a legitimate process to keep traces of all automobiles, no matter new or used.