How to Check Car Registration in Punjab

The process of registering a vehicle differs in each province of Pakistan. Each province has its own set of taxes as well as procedures for vehicle registration and renewal. The Punjab Excise Department has created a Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS). 

A technologically advanced and centralized vehicle registration information system provides the status of vehicle registration along with all relevant info. Anyone looking to buy or sell a car can use MTMIS to easily verify the vehicle’s owner.

There are two simple methods for checking vehicle registration in Pakistan.

  • Using MTMIS
  • By sending an SMS message

Online vehicle registration checks are simple in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Islamabad. Balochistan’s government is planning to launch a similar service. Aside from the online vehicle ownership verification services available in the above-said cities in Pakistan, you can also find out any car’s registration details using an easy offline method such as sending an SMS. 

We’ll start by looking at the simplest way to check vehicle registration via SMS, and then we’ll go over how to verify vehicle ownership online.

How to Check Car Registration in Punjab by SMS

How to Check Car Registration in Punjab by SMS

Simply searching the term ‘car ownership check-in Pakistan’ will reveal relevant links to check car registration online. Aside from the online methods for checking car registration in Pakistan, there is also an offline system that allows you to find out information about the vehicle by sending an SMS. The cost of sending the SMS is only 50 paisa or half a rupee.

  • Open the SMS on your mobile phone.
  • Enter your vehicle’s license plate number and text it to 8785.
  • You will receive the following information about the car you requested: Chassis number, Engine number, Make, Registration date, Token paid, and the name of the owner.

This is especially useful if a police officer wants to check your vehicle’s registration details offline. They only need to send an SMS to the above-mentioned number to obtain relevant results.

There is no SMS service available in Sindh or KPK to check vehicle registration. You can, however, learn how to check vehicle registration via SMS in Islamabad. 

How to Check Car Registration in Islamabad by SMS

  • Open your mobile phone’s text message settings.
  • Send it to 8521 with the vehicle registration number.
  • You will receive updates in a matter of a few seconds.

Here’s how to use the internet to confirm the vehicle registration process.

How to Check Car Registration Online in Punjab?

To verify the car’s details online, launch a web browser and enter the MTMIS Punjab website address. A vehicle verification page appears, prompting you to enter the vehicle’s license plate number in capital letters. 

Please keep in mind that different types of license plates are used in Punjab. Fill in the space with the proper number. If there are dashes, write the number after them. On the website page, various types of combinations are shown for reference.

Verify your identity using the Recaptcha verification system, then click the Search button. When you click it, you will be taken to a page with detailed information about the vehicle you just entered. The car’s specifications would be as follows:

  • Owner information, including the owner’s name, parents’ names, and the city in which the owner resides
  • If there have been any recent payments, please provide them.
  • Details about the vehicle, such as the chassis number, engine number, make date, registration date, model, vehicle price, color, and the date the tax is paid
  • You will also receive vehicle application tracking information.

So, this was all about how to check car registration in Punjab by SMS or online? Do not forget to read about how to pay E-Challan, token tax Online In Punjab?