How to Change Your Address to a P.O. Box

Doing an Address Change to a P.O. Box

Are you going to be moving and needing to do an address change with the post office? Are you thinking about changing your address to a P.O. box? In some circumstances, when moving from home to home, it can be easier and more convenient to rent a P.O. box. Perhaps you are between houses, or you need somewhere to collect your mail while you are searching for a new address.

Once you have one of these mailboxes, you can change your address to a PO box to not miss any mail. The address change service with the USPS allows you to do this, and we’ll take you through the process.

A P.O. box or post office box is a mailbox securely located in a post office. It lets you collect your mail, safe in the knowledge that it hasn’t been tampered with. Many post offices will allow you to collect your mail around the clock, though others might only have extended hours.

Let’s review the stages to get a PO box and change your address with the post office.

How to Rent a P.O. Box

You can either walk into the post office where you want your mailbox located or sign-up online. If you sign-up online, you will still need to visit the post office to complete the application.

There are normally 5 sizes to choose from to suit your requirements. These start from Extra Small for up to 15 letters or two rolled magazines. At the other end of the scale, their Extra Large box is capable of holding multiple parcels. There is likely to be less availability for larger-sized boxes, so you may find it more difficult to get the box you want if you expect more mail delivered to your address.

It would be best if you also decided how long to rent the PO box for. You can choose from either 3, 6, or 12 months. The cost of PO box rental depends very much on your location, and if there is more demand, the costs will be higher.

Larger size mailboxes will also cost you more than the smaller options. For example, expect to pay over $100 per year for the smallest mailbox offered. The Extra Large box could cost you over $700 each year. You can get more detailed information on a P.O Box’s costs in this useful resource found at Realty Biz News.

When ordering online, you will need to fill out a form and create an account. When this has been completed, you will need to print out the form and take it to the post office. They need you to present two forms of ID, along with the form and payment, to get your box.

If you want to reserve your P.O. box at a post office, you will need their 1093 form. Take this completed form to a post office, and once they have verified your address and have paid the money to rent the box, you can start using it.

Change Your Address to a P.O. Box

Once you have your P.O. box, you need to complete the USPS address change process. Again, this can be done online or at a post office location.

On the USPS website, you can click on the “Change My Address” option on the “Quick Tools” tab from the menu at the top of the site.

Choose the right options for your situation, select from an individual, a family, or a business change of address. Please fill out your details and select whether it is a permanent or temporary change. Tell them which date you would like this service to begin, and complete the form.

If you choose to do it at a post office, you will need to fill out of form when you are there. You will need the USPS form 3575 from the post office.

How Much Does it Cost to Change Your Address with the USPS?

They will need to take a charge of $1.05 from your credit or debit card when you use the USPS address change service online. This is to make sure you are who you claim to be, and this is free if you do it in person. They will email a confirmation code to you or send it in the mail if you did it at a post office. The confirmation code is needed if you need to change anything with this forwarding service later on.

After your application has gone through, you can begin using your P.O box address. This means updating your address with the businesses you use so that you continue to get your mail. You can manage your PO box service online, renewing it when necessary.

What Happens if You Need to Cancel Your P.O. Box Address Change?

Sometimes when you are moving, life gets in your way. There may be a sudden change of plans that causes you to re-think all of your previous actions. It is possible you may find yourself in this situation and need to update or cancel your change of address.

Maybe the P.O box will no longer be necessary? Whatever has happened, you can make a change with the post office. See what you need to know about canceling your address change in the helpful resource above.

Final Thoughts on Getting a P.O Box

One of the most vital tasks is completing your address change forms with the post office when moving. If you don’t do this in a timely fashion there is a strong possibility you won’t receive some vital mail. It won’t be a pleasant experience if bills arrive late or you don’t get a vital government document.

Having a P.O. box can be a wonderful opportunity for those who need it. Moving smoothly is very dependent on having a sound plan in place. Hopefully, you have found this guide on acquiring a P.O. box to be useful.