DPI (dot per inch) measures the sensitivity of the mouse, and especially for gameplay and photo editing, it is important to have a proper mouse DPI on your computer. Therefore, it is necessary to change the mouse DPI or adjust the mouse DPI at all times. This article introduces how to change mouse DPI and improve mouse performance.

What is Mouse DPI?
DPI means dot per inch. Mouse DPI measures the sensitivity of the mouse. You can quickly adjust the pointer speed by changing the mouse DPI in the mouse settings.
In general, the higher the mouse DPI, the faster the pointer. High DPI helps you detect small movements in your mouse and respond correctly. Also, it’s best to keep the mouse high DPI, but high DPI isn’t always good for us. When you accidentally move your mouse, you definitely don’t want your mouse cursor to move on the screen.
Therefore, proper mouse DPI is important and you should clearly know how to test the mouse DPI in your computer and adjust it to meet your needs.
You can usually change the mouse DPI by configuring the mouse on your computer. If you have a mouse DPI on-fly button, such as the Logitech G502 mouse, you can also change the DPI with the Fly DPI button. Check out the following methods to change your mouse DPI.
Method 1: Convert bee DPI to DPI with bee button
If your mouse has a DPI on the flight button / switch, you can change the mouse DPI with the direct button, which allows you to change the mouse DPI quickly and permanently.
1) Find the Fly DPI button on your mouse. This is usually at the top of your mouse.
2) Press or slide the mouse button to change the DPI.
3) The LCD will show the new DPI settings, or you will see a notification on your monitor to tell you the DPI change.
It’s that easy, isn’t it ?! If you don’t have a DPI switch with the mouse, don’t worry. You can change the mouse DPI in the mouse settings. Go and check Method 2.

Method 2: Change the mouse DPI in the mouse setting
You can also change the mouse DPI in the mouse settings, which is normal.
1) On your computer, open the control panel, and select View by small icons or View by large icons.
2) Click the mouse to open the mouse properties.
3) Select the Pointer Options tab.
4) In the Motion section, drag the slide to select the pointer speed for your mouse.
5) Uncheck the box with pointer precision correction.
This is optional. Pointer accuracy allows you to move the length of the mouse pointer to different lengths depending on how fast you move your mouse, which is negative for gamers. We therefore recommend disabling it.
6) After selecting the speed of the pointer, check the movement of your mouse to see if it is your L. Works or not.
7) After selecting the pointer speed correctly, save the settings and click OK.
You have now successfully changed the mouse DPI for your mouse. Enjoy it
How to improve mouse performance
There is much more we can do to improve mouse performance.
1. Adjust the mouse in the game
If you’re a fan of PC games, you’ll want to prioritize better mouse performance to enhance the gaming experience. So in addition to adjusting the mouse DPI on your computer, you can also create mouse settings in your games.
You can go to mouse acceleration settings and sensitivity settings, or something similar in your game and change it to your liking. It’s different from the game, so we won’t cover it.
2. Update the mouse driver
Missing or outdated mouse drivers can cause problems with your mouse, so you should update the mouse driver to get the most out of it.
There are two ways to update drivers: manual and automatic.
Manually – You can update the mouse driver manually by searching the developer’s website, downloading the latest and most accurate driver, and installing it on your computer. It requires time and computer skills.
Automatic – If you don’t have the time or patience, you can do this automatically with Driver Easy.
Driver Easy will automatically detect your system and find the right driver for it. You don’t need to know exactly what system your computer is running, you don’t need to risk downloading and installing the wrong drivers, and making mistakes when installing. No need to worry. There is no need for that
You can update your drivers automatically with Free or Pro version of Driver Easy. But with the Pro version it only takes 2 clicks (and you’ll have a 30 day money back guarantee):