How to Change AOL Password

AOL otherwise called America online is the one the greatest goliath of internet providers in mid 90’s. Today AOL is a well-known email service which likewise works in different media field like news, diversion, account, and way of life.AOL evolved itself as per the need and demand of the market, time by time. AOL was a main dial-up supplier organization in America in their initial days. AOL dial-up administration declined quickly after 2009 because of ascent of broadband. In any case, AOL email service still at the top in America.

AOL conceived in 1983 as fleeting endeavor named control video corporation (CVC). Which was established by William von Meister? Its absolute first item was an online administration “Gameline” devoted to Atari 2600 computer game comfort. In 1985 organization was in money related emergency right now William von Meister left the organization. Later in 1985 assembling expert Jim Kimsey established another organization Quantum PC administration. Jim Kimsey becomes CEO of Quantum PC administration. Quantum PC administration created programming for commodore and mac. Later in 1989 Quantum PC administration is known as AOL. From the earliest starting point, AOL has mastery in web-based recreations.

To know how to change my AOL password in PC, Fallow below-given steps:

Step 1 ► Login to AOL web browser using your phone number or current password.

Step 2 ► Click on the profile icon on right side on the top bar.

Step 3 ► Select “account security” in the left panel.

Step 4 ► Select “Change password”.

Step 5 ► enter new password in the field for “new password” and “confirm new password”.

Step 6 ► Select continue if password matched and your password has reset.

To know how to change my AOL password in iPhone, Fallow below-given steps:

Step 1 ► Tap on the AOL app on your phone.

Step 2 ► Tap on ” settings” icon on the right bottom corner on the phone.

Step 3 ► Tap “privacy dashboard” option.

Step 4 ► Select the “your account” tab.

Step 5 ► Scroll down and tap “your account”.

Step 6 ► Enter your login credentials.

Step 6 ► Choose “Edit account info” in the “your account” section.

Step 6 ► Tap on the menu icon on left top corner.

Step 6 ► Tap “change password”.

Step 6 ► Tap in the password field and enter a new password in both fields that request it.

Step 6 ► Tap “Continue” after you enter the new password.

Step 6 ► A confirmation screen with fields for a recovery email and recovery phone number pops up. Enter them (or not) and tap “Looks good” or “Done” to finish.

Tell me the way to fix aol mail not receiving emails problem?

AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails-

Today in this slide, we will discuss the solution to fix the unable to receive emails problem. So Stay tuned with us.

Where are you having this difficulty? Whenever you face send & receive problem on your aol account. You should try to log in your account on other devices and check. Are you having the send & receive problem on other devices as well. Or you are having a problem on your specific devices only. Let’s say.

1. I can receive the emails on the computer, but not on phone.

2. AOL mail is receiving the emails on computer and phone but not on outlook application.

AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails On Phone-

If you can receive the emails on your computers and other devices but not able to receive them into the phone. This problem can be due to the severed issue or some other issues.

So follow the instructions given below.

Let’s try to update the aol account password on your phone.

Sometimes, People face such kind of problem just because of the password is outdated. So you should try to update the password.  You should check the server settings as well. Most of the time, people face this problem, when they type the incorrect server address. so you should check it correctly. If you find something Wrong. You need to go ahead and remove your account from the phone. Now configure it with the latest IMAP settings for aol.