How to Change an AOL Password and Other Things You Should Know About

AOL mail aka America Online is a free email service offered by AOL, a division of Verizon Communications. It is loaded with world-class spam mail protection, speed, efficiency, and the cherry on the cake exceptional unlimited customer support. To make the most of these exciting AOL benefits, you must first establish an AOL mail account for your business or personal use. 

If you want to create a new AOL account, change the password, delete AOL account or set up an existing AOL account on your device, then this quick guide will come in very handy as it includes everything you are looking for.

Create an AOL mail account

To create a new account on AOL mail, you must visit the official website of America Online, provide your full name, phone number, date of birth, choose an email address as per your choice and create your account in a minute. With AOL services, it is easy to be yourself as AOL mail provides zillions of perfect usernames and user-friendly designs. 

Advantages of an AOL mail account

  1. No monthly fee
  2. AOL Mail can be accessed directly on all tablets and mobile devices 
  3. To view a copy of your emails and to send/ receive messages, you can use a third-party app as well
  4. Create an online address book for important email addresses for free
  5. Spam blocking features to prevent undesirable emails 
  6. Create various usernames under one email account
  7. Unlimited storage for emails, calendar, notes, etc.

Change AOL password 

Just like other email clients, AOL also assures to protect your personal or professional mail account. But you can always be sure from your side by having a strong password. To have access to your AOL account, the correct password is needed. When you would want to change AOL password.

  1. You suspect that someone is trying to hack your account.
  2. You want to change the AOL password to something that can be easily remembered.
  3. You want to change your password into something difficult to deduce

For whatever reasons, change your AOL password into a stronger one by following the subsequent steps.

Step 1: Visit the official website that is

Step 2: Click on ‘Join’ and sign in to your AOL mail account

Step 3: Navigate yourself towards ‘Account Settings’ and select on ‘Change password’

Step 4: Provide your ‘current password’ and enter a ‘New password’

Step 5: Confirm your password by ‘Re-entering’ and click on ‘Save Changes’

Just a quick follow-up of the aforementioned method, you must have been able to change your password. 

Forgot My AOL Password

Going through an ‘Oops! I forgot my AOL password’? Time to reset the password to be back on AOL mail. There are many methods but, below is the most effective one with easy-to-execute steps to recover the AOL email password. To do so, follow the steps one by one:

  • Go to the AOL login and provide your username 
  • Click on ‘Forgot password’ and confirm your username in the next tab
  • Check your existing contact number or enter a new number 

You will receive an OTP code via text message or call (whichever you choose)

  • Enter the code and click on ‘Next’
  • Enter a new password that can be remembered but, cannot be deduced by others
  • Click on ‘Save’ to finally make changes.

Congrats! You have now recovered your AOL password. The methods for change/ reset AOL passwords can be applied to a personal computer also. To know how to change/ reset an AOL password in mobile devices. 

Cancel AOL account

Cancelling or deleting an AOL account is as easy as setting up a new mail. AOL offers two types of memberships to its users, free and paid accounts. The canceling procedure for both the accounts are different, follow the steps mentioned below, if you have a free AOL account and want to cancel it.

  • Log in to your AOL account and navigate yourself towards ‘Manage My Subscription’ 
  • Click on ‘Service options’ and select the tab of ‘Cancel’

You may have to answer the security question that you chose at the time of opening your account.

  • Enter the answer and select the option of ‘Cancel AOL’
  • Click ‘Ok’ to finally delete your account.

The aforementioned steps must have answered your How to Delete AOL account question.  

We are hopeful that after going through this article, you now know how to create an AOL mail account, change or reset its password, and cancel the account. If you still have any doubt, let us know through the comment section. Our representatives will reach you with the right solutions.