How to change a tire on a travel trailer?

All around the world, people often choose travel trailers to get new experiences. In addition, if you are thinking of moving by using a travel trailer, one of the basic ideas you should have is changing the tires. It is obvious to get the help of mechanics but be prepared rather than suffering in a place with no help.     

After you figure out finding the best trailer tires, let’s move on to know about how to change a tire on a travel trailer. 

How to change a tire on a travel trailer?

Necessary tools and gears

  • Jack
  • Lug nut wrench
  • Wheel chock


The process mainly has six basic steps. Let’s keep on reading to know them!

Step one: parking travel trailer

Once you realize that your tire needs to be fixed, slowly move the trailer and park it. It is not safe enough to change a tire in the middle of the road. Not only will you be injured, but careless behavior can also hurt others.

Step two: securing trailer wheel

Move the trailer in a stable place and start securing the wheels. You can quickly secure the wheel using a wheel chock. More importantly, make sure you clean up the ground as it will help you put the jack under the frame. If you think the space is not enough after clearing the ground, place something like a rock in front of the tire. Moreover, for ideally positioning the trailer, use the emergency brake, and move on to look at the tire closer. 

Step three: lose the tire nuts and deploy the jack

Take the help of a lug nut wrench and jack. First, lose the nuts by using a wrench. For safety issues, do not deploy the jack. In addition, you do not need to move the nuts completely; instead, you need to make them loose. Sufficiently losing them and deploying the jacks raise the tire to open the wheel. 

Step four: remove nuts and change tires

Then, you can remove the nuts and malfunctioned tires to replace them with good ones. Once you are sure about the placement of the wheel, tighten the nuts fast as the wheel continuously keeps moving. It is not the most important task to tighten the nuts properly, but make sure that the wheel does not fall back again. 

Step five: lower the jacket to bring the wheel back in place

Keeping yourself slow and steady, lower the jack towards the ground and ensure that the wheel does not move freely anymore. Using the lug nut wrench, tighten all the nuts and put your best effort into securing all of them. By this time, the trailer is ready to get back in action.

Step six: remove Jack

Altogether remove the jack and put it aside. For the last time, secure the nuts again to avoid any accidents because the last thing a driver would expect is a tire running away from the trailer! Instead of hurrying, give your best to secure the nuts as tight as possible because one loose nut can result in a severe injury available in the trailer. 

Are you thinking about what to do with the damaged tire? You can just put it in the place of a spare tire and get it fixed as soon as possible. Finally, when you feel that you have completed your work, pack everything and hit the road! 


If you read the article, you will get the answer to your question, “how to change a tire on a travel trailer?” 

The steps might not look accessible to you, but they will look easy once you get to work! For regular drivers, it is beneficial to know about the process as it will save time and money. 

Everything seems challenging when we try to do it for the first time. But taking the help of the right tools and processes will always make it easy. Let’s not waste any more seconds and keep on moving with your adventure!!