How to change a flat tire on your own?

in today’s modern world, there are machines for almost any manual work one can think of. But there are still some of the mechanical things we need to learn just in case some situations arise where only manual work is applicable. Moving to digital must only take place once we are pretty confident with the manual. And learning some mechanical car-related work can help. Other than that, you can track vehicle repair with Arnie and keep your life at ease. For now, let’s look at how you can easily change your car’s tire?

Ensure safety-

The first and foremost thing to do once we meet with a flat tire ensures the safety of fellow passengers and outside drivers. Never you should at an expressway as this can be a dangerous situation to invite fatal accidents. Even after the tire is flat, the entire load is transferred onto the rim of the car and for a certain distance, you can drive it. That doesn’t mean you drive for miles without even noticing it. Just to take your car on the side is enough. Use your reflective triangle to warn the cars behind about your wreckage.

Jack your vehicle up-

Once you are on the side of the road and are clear on any unwanted risks, get your toolkit from the trunk of your car. There you would also see the space tire that we will need to replace the flat tire with. Firstly, remove the wheel cap/hub cap of the tire. Then unscrew the lug nuts just don’t remove them yet. Now go for your scissors jack and place it under the sidecar frame. Use the jack handle to lift the car up. Remember clockwise goes up and counterclockwise goes down.

Remove the old tire-

Once the car is up and, in the air, start by removing the lug nuts. These nuts make sure that the tire is placed within its area and doesn’t roll out while driving. Next, remove the tire with both of your hands place it on the side. Now take your spare wheel and place it in. Remember to check firmly that the tire is placed and then screw the nuts. Also, make sure you tighten the screws tight enough so that you can drive safely ahead.

Next steps –

Now keep the flat tire first in the trunk. Don’t forget to screw the wheel cap on again with nuts. Start loosening the scissors jack and keep it safe with the rest of the toolkit. Now grab the triangular reflective signage that you had placed earlier. Take a look around once more and check if there are any steps of nuts you are missing. Once confirmed, sit in the car drive off. As soon as you get the time, get the flat tire fixed on priority. Changing a flat tire must be taught to everyone without there because we don’t know exactly when we might need it. Other than that, don’t think that changing a flat tire is difficult. It is extremely simple and can be performed by anyone once learned the right way.