How to Celebrate Father’s Day as a Family

Many families were unable to get together last year for special days and holidays. From Mother’s Day to Father’s Day, celebrations had to happen online in most cases. Now, in 2021, things are changing, and many are getting back to celebrating in-person. 

With Father’s Day around the corner, you may be looking into things you can do as a family to spend time together while celebrating your dad. Here are some ideas to get you started on planning a Father’s Day he won’t ever forget:

  • Spend the whole day together. If you don’t get to see your dad often, you can always dedicate Father’s Day in its entirety to your father. After all, it’s his day so if he wants it, set aside that day for everything he enjoys doing. From getting started with coffee and Father’s Day cookies to enjoying his favorite outdoor activity and then a Father’s Day meal, there are plenty of things you can plan for a very special Father’s Day. 
  • Book a trip to a destination that your family loves. There could be a place that your family used to love to visit when you were kids. But perhaps you’ve all grown up and gone your separate ways, and you haven’t been able to go there together in many years. If there were ever an occasion to relive great moments as a family, it would be now. Consider planning a trip as a family to a destination you all love. 
  • Plan a barbeque. If you’re a lucky family with everyone living in the same area or you all plan to be in town for Father’s Day, you don’t even have to do something outside of the home. A barbeque in your family home’s backyard could be a great time as well. With all your favorite dishes served and dad as the center of attention, a barbeque could be an experience with his loved ones that he won’t soon forget. 
  • Have a game night. Another option for a simple yet joyous occasion is to plan a game night. With your dad’s favorite drinks and snacks prepared and all the best games that bring out the competitive side of your family members, you can be sure your game night will bring back some of the best memories from you all growing up—an experience your dad will be sure to enjoy. 
  • Go golfing. If your dad loves the outdoors or enjoys time golfing, then set aside time to go golfing as a family—if you can wing it. Golfing with your loved ones can be a great time, especially if you have some star golfers in your family. 
  • Go on a camping trip. More than likely, your father took you on camping trips as a kid. To remember the good times and spend time as a family, consider planning a camping trip that you can all enjoy together. Whether you plan a road trip to an amazing destination or look for local state parks, camping is a great way to bond with the ones you love. 
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In Conclusion

Whether you go big by leaving home or enjoy some backyard fun, you can be sure your dad will love spending time with the ones he loves. It can be as simple as gifting him cookies to as big of a gesture as planning a trip. At the end of the day, you know your dad best and understand what will put a smile on his face. After a year like the one we had in 2020, your family will probably just be glad to be together.


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