How to Care for HD Lace on Your Wigs

HD Lace or Swiss lace is a really soft, easy-to-blend type of lace used for frontals and closures. Everybody and their mama have been going mad over it because when done right, HD lace wigs are literally invisible. But because the lace is so soft, it’s important to take special care of it so it doesn’t get damaged. And we’re here to tell you how!

Table of Contents

  1. Shampoo Regularly
  2. Detangle Hair Gently
  3. Purple Shampoo To Tone The Lace
  4. Don’t Pull Your Wig Before Dissolving Adhesive
  5. Tie A Scarf Around The Front Of Your Lace If You Sleep In It
  6. When Plucking, Take Out A Few Strands At A Time
  7. About Luvme
  1. Shampoo Regularly

The lace on your wig will get dirty inevitably. The sweat, the dead skin, the adhesive/glue, the lace tint, and the makeup all get stuck on your lace. So, you’ll need to wash your lace every so often to prevent build-up, which can interfere with laying your lace in the future. And you don’t need any fancy products. Your regular degular shampoo should do the trick.

By the way, when cleaning the lace, be gentle. Don’t rub the lace against itself to get it clean or scrub with a hard brush. Use your fingers to gently rub the lace in small sections or use a soft, old toothbrush to help get any stubborn gunk out.

  1. Detangle Gently

Detangling the hair on or around your lace in a rough manner may cause your lace to tear. So always make sure to condition your hair, work in sections and use a detangling brush to gently brush from your ends to your roots.

  1. Use Purple Shampoo

If at the end of your wash day, you notice that the lace has a red, brassy or yellow tint to it, left by your lace tint or makeup, then you can use a purple shampoo to tone the color down. Use the purple shampoo or purple conditioner as you usually would.

Note: If that brassy or yellow tone helps your wig blend better or if you’ve got a colorful wig, then skip this step altogether.

  1. Don’t Pull Your Wig Before Dissolving Adhesive

Ladies, we know the feeling. It’s the end of the day. You’re tired, and you just want to unwind and get to bed. But you need to take down your wig. You’re in such a hurry that you don’t even wait for the glue to dissolve before you start taking out the wig. Not only can this damage your edges, but it can also cause your lace to tear. So, please be patient and wait for the glue to dissolve and for your lace to separate/lift a bit before pulling your wig off of your head.

  1. Tie A Scarf Around The Front Of Your Lace If You Sleep In It

If you need to sleep in a HD Lace wig, then make sure to tie a small scarf over the lace hairline of your wig before you put on your bonnet. This serves two purposes:

  1. Keeping your lace from starting to lift while you sleep
  2. Protecting your lace from any pulling that might strain or tear the lace

So, yeah, don’t skip this step.

  1. When Plucking, Take Out A Few Strands at a Time

Sometimes, you won’t like the look of the hairline on a new unit. It may be too full for your liking or the parting may be a bit too small. Whatever reason is for plucking your hair, make sure to only pluck a few strands at a time. Try 5 or less strands at a go. If you do too many at once, then you’ll rip a hole in your lace.

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