How to calm your nerves when someone drives you crazy

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A sad fact of life is that the people closest to us can sometimes drive us crazy! This doesn’t mean that we aren’t at fault but when we’re are angry, we tend to forget our contribution to the problem. You can use your online chat app to distract yourself but if you end up venting out on social media you might regret it later. NEEO Messenger is an HD Calling app that helps you connect with people from all over the world. If you have serious anger issues consider getting in touch with a mental health professional. But if you think you can handle your anger issues on your own with a bit of guidance then go through the tips given below:

  1. Identifying the reasons behind the rage:

Do you feel like your anger issues have gotten worse in the past few months? It’s normal to feel angry at times but if you feel like you’re being driven to the edge frequently this might be a call for help. By now you must have a list of things in mind when asked, ‘what makes you angry?’ Do you get provoked by someone’s words or actions? Or do you feel frustrated and angry due to someone else’s lack of cooperation? Whatever it is, you need to pen down the reasons that make you lose control of your emotions and upset you most. Thinking rationally about these issues might help you come up with a suitable solution.

  • Confronting the actual situation:

Unless you’re having constant outbursts, your anger might be an indication of something that’s consistently making you unhappy. Is the anger a reaction to what someone does to you or is it an influence of the environment? If you’re agitated all the time while at home but feel like a different person outside, you need to figure out what bothering you. Home should be a comfortable place but if you feel like someone is constantly threatening your peace by invading your space, you need to put them in their place. Use your online chat app to consult a family counsellor if you’re having clashes with a family member.

  • Fleeing from the scene before you explode:

Do you feel like your mood changes within a matter of seconds? And once you get out of control you start shouting and your body language becomes aggressive? If this is the case then you could do a lot of damage to yourself and those around you, both physically and emotionally. No matter how sudden the surge of anger, there’s always a feeling you get beforehand that tells you things are going to get ugly. The minute you get this feeling you should flee from the scene as you know you won’t be able to control yourself if you stay.

  • Learning to stay quiet:

Our anger often results from heated arguments which are either directly related to us or sometimes have nothing to do with us. If you’re arguing with someone don’t let it get to the point where you or the other person loses their cool and things get out of hand. Convince yourself that by trying to win the argument you might end up doing more damage. If your words are aggravating someone, it’s better to say less and wait for a better time to be the subject up again. You can make a call using your HD Calling app to clear things up if you think there’s been a misunderstanding.

  • Confiding in a well-wisher:

If you can confide in someone talk to them about your issues once you’ve cooled down. Calling someone up just to offload won’t be fair on them and instead of getting sympathy, you might end up annoying them. No matter how closely attached you are to someone, you shouldn’t think of them as your punching bag. If someone gives you their shoulder to lean on, don’t take undue advantage and transfer your stress to them. Everyone is dealing with their issues and even if a friend or family member hears you out patiently this might not necessarily solve the problem.

  • Making the best of the moment:

Life is unpredictable and so each day is different from the day before and the day after. The only thing that can remain constant is your state mind. If you’re someone who gets put off by little disappointments you’ll feel angry and frustrated all the time. Unless someone is making an active effort to provoke you, you can easily dismiss disturbing thoughts. If you’re late for a friend’s wedding because your husband didn’t show up on time to take you there, you can choose to ruin the rest of the evening by feeling angry. The other option is to make the best of the time you have.

Calming your nerves can be a challenging task, especially if you feel like you’ve been holding your feelings in for a long time. Instead of staying patient for several days and then bursting out, it’s better to express your feelings bit by bit. Use your online chat app to communicate with the person you’re in conflict with. Sometimes our emotions distort our tone while we’re talking to someone face to face, and as a result they stop listening to us when they hear loud aggressive noises. You can send an audio message to your friend/family member using NEEO Messenger, the HD Calling app. This will give you the benefit of revising and editing your message if you feel like your tone wasn’t appropriate.