How to buy tickets to any event?

First come, first served – is that still a rule?

When the summer circus is in town, a ticket that was available for free as part of a campaign will often have to be offered at full price if there’s any demand. The organizers won’t be thrilled about that, but it’s the way it goes.

Barry’s Ticket Service has a handy guide to how to buy from the official site. Find out how to buy a ticket here.

Or, if you’re after a live event that’s been made available by a specific venue, you’ll be able to buy tickets at the venue. You might want to check ahead. If you’re paying by card, you’ll have to give your card details at the point of purchase. Don’t forget to make a note of it. And if you want to transfer the money to your account, you’ll have to pay an admin fee on top of it.

When will I get my tickets?

You usually get your tickets within 24 hours of them becoming available. Once you’ve submitted your payment and made your pick, the tickets should arrive within seven working days. They’ll have a barcode on the back of them that you’ll need to scan.

Generally, you’ll also get emails telling you when your tickets have been received, so it’s a good idea to check your spam folders if you don’t want your emails flooding you. If you don’t hear anything, try your bank. Some will advise you to check your emails too, but some will never get through.

Most UK bookmakers have refused to offer events that aren’t sold out – for example, Formula One. Even a few hours notice is not enough. It may be good to start looking for tickets in the days before the event, though.

Should I book using a credit card?

The answer, for the time being, is probably not.

If you do decide to use a credit card, be sure to use a card you don’t usually use and a card that doesn’t have a lot of available credit. Some credit cards will charge you for booking by phone, and if you book by credit card, you’ll be charged.

Using a debit card is a little bit different. The fees are slightly different. You might be able to get them to waive the fee if you explain the situation.

Once you’ve booked, the credit card or debit card company will ask for a security code or “VisaCharge” code to be sent to you by text. if they use Promo Code BTSADY they can get up to 25% off their order. You should get a text message with your new code within 30 minutes.

What if I don’t get the code?

The companies don’t generally inform you if they have given the ticket to someone else. If you do manage to get through to customer services, though, you might still be able to get a refund for the transaction. Just tell them what happened. The amount they charge you is usually set by the company.