How to Buy the Best Full-Body Vibration Plate

Have you ever seen a vibration plate lying around in a gym or a studio and wondered what it did? 

The powerful plate is best known for building strength, weight loss, and rehabilitation. The oscillations of the full-body vibration machine tone your muscles and give a nice stretch to your workout. As per experts, simply standing on the machine for 10 minutes does wonder for your body and medical conditions. 

However, when you’re looking to buy the best full body vibration machine that sets your health in motion, you need to assess a few aspects. These include:

Do you have enough space for the device?

Although vibration machines are relatively compact, you need to find a suitable space for the base of the device so that you could comfortably carry out your exercises. In addition, these machines require power to run, so you might have to position them near a power socket. In addition, since these machines transmit vibrations, you need to place them on a solid floor. 

Size of the motor:

When analyzing the best whole-body vibration machines, you need to review their frequency and impulses per second. The higher the frequency of the machine, the tougher your workout is because the force applied to your muscles increases. Therefore, it is better to start with a lower frequency to prevent any injuries. 

The amplitude of operation:

Amplitude refers to the peak-to-peak displacement of a vibration. The higher the amplitude, the longer is the extent of your workout, and the higher is the intensity of training. 

Size of the plate:

Depending on who will be using it and what exercises, the size of the plate makes all the difference. A bigger plate requires a larger motor suitable for powerful and intense workouts. 

Reviews online:

One of the defining characteristics of any vibration machine is what its buyers say about it. So, look for independent reviews online and see what customers are saying about a brand’s vibration machine. It will give you an idea of the type of customer service offered by the brand. 

Retailer or manufacturer warranty: 

Often warranties are provided by the original manufacturer and not from the website you bought them. So, make sure you clear all such warranty-related details. You must also understand whether the warranty offered is automatic or you need to activate it.

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