How to buy perfect jeans for men according to body type?

For your casual wardrobe, jeans act as a holy grail. You can wear them to every event. Men often underestimate the fitting of jeans. They buy jeans without considering their body type. If you want to look stylish and up-to-date, make sure to consider your body type.

Large men may buy jeans that give them a large look. Moreover, skinny men often think that jeans swallow them. You should buy jeans according to your body type after considering treatment, measurements, fabrics, and size. If you want the best jeans, here are some tips for your assistance.

Buy Jeans to Fit Properly

Generally, people do not understand what looks great on their body. You may be confused about detailing, wash, weight, and other details. Moreover, the lack of appropriate styles can make things difficult. For this reason, has a special collection of jeans and tees.

You can find different labels on jeans, such as straight, slim, or skinny. These labels indicate specific body types for jeans. See the details of these labels.

  • Slim: It is not too tight or too loose. It is mid-rise with a special zip fly. You will find a narrow leg opening along with straight from the hip and slim from the thigh.
  • Skinny: It is the latest addition to the jeans collection with a tight-fitting and tapered leg opening. You will find it with a zipper fly, low and mid-rise. Moreover, it is skinny from the hip – hem.
  • Relaxed: It is a loose fit from the waist to the leg opening. Relaxed denim will not hug any part of the body.
  • Regular: It is straight-leg jean with a mid-rise. The legs of the trouser look straight from knee – hem, with a large leg opening. You will find it straight through thigh and hip.
  • Loose: With its baggy fit, it is the roomiest pair of jeans. You will get sufficient space in the butt, legs, and thighs.

Jeans for Thin Men

Ectomorph body types have a flat chest, light build, lean muscles, and small shoulders. These men look slender; therefore, you can buy straight-leg jeans featuring a low rise. In this type of jeans, you can flatter slender build without any attention to undefined legs.

Make sure to avoid baggy and wide-leg jeans because they will look loose. Furthermore, skinny jeans and high-rise jeans are not suitable for thin men.

Jeans for Athletic Body

If you have a slim waist, muscular buttocks, and legs, you will need straight-leg jeans, low-rise styles, boot cut jeans, and slim fit jeans. Select jeans with small and wide pockets to highlight your toned butt. Make sure to avoid regular fits, wide legs, and baggy jeans.

Jeans for Muscular Men

You can choose regular fit jeans with wide legs to accentuate a toned body for your muscular body. Moreover, pockets must be deep, close together, and large to make your back look small. A muscular man should avoid boot-cut jeans, skinny or tight jeans.

If you have wide hips, you can wear relaxed-fit jeans, straight-leg jeans, and loose jeans containing wide legs. With wide hips, you should avoid tapered or skinny jeans.