How to buy new watches online

Selling watches online was one of the main topics of discussion at Diesel watch this year due to the growing demand from customers who want to know where they can buy the new watches on the internet. See the example of the Diesel Watch. Luxury watch brands are therefore looking for ways to sell their watches online without disrupting the sales model on which their business based the watch brand sells to a retailer at a discount; the retailer covers the costs of its store and its staff and cashes the difference from the recommended retail price as profit.

The most recent approaches are more or less discreet or direct. The best example of the discrete approach is the new Diesel watches, which allow the customer to choose their watch’s components, just as someone can now configure a new car before ordering it. The price is clearly stated. The brand offers the customer the option of picking up their watch at the factory, with a guided tour to show the customer what part of the watch production is done in-house.

A steel watch

First, we will talk about steel. Steel watch models are both the most popular but also the most affordable in terms of budget. The steels used are stainless steels, often 316L considered surgical steel whose properties are of great interest to the watch industry.

There is, in one opinion, no incompatibility between steel and elegance. Everything will depend on the finishes of the box and the elements seen previously.

For example, an everyday watch and wear on formal occasions is an Oyster Perpetual model from the Rolex brand. This watch is a steel watch. It has, in one opinion, all the criteria of a watch that can be worn with a formal outfit: a sober dial, eggshell white, hands sticks, a smooth domed bezel, and case finishes alternating polished areas and satin areas. This model is relatively thin because it is 11mm thick, for a modern diameter of 39mm. It is the right compromise between a watch with both classic and modern dimensions. Even if he also loves the same 36mm model (I hesitated a lot, my wife decided, and we ALWAYS listen to his wife, gentlemen …). Slight nuance, however, on the presence of luminescent material on the hands and indexes.

A gold watch

Gold is one of the most controversial metals in human history. At all times, gold has attracted Man by its color, its brilliance, its warmth, perhaps by a mysterious aura? Gold will have brought to light the darker sides of humanity. Moreover, this is what makes this metal still attracts so much today. In this sense, gold dresses the most precious and prestigious watches.

Today we find three colors of gold (there are more depending on the alloys, but let us say that we will focus on three primary colors): yellow gold, white gold (or gray gold -c ‘ is the same) rose gold. These three shades of gold allow pretty color combinations and allow, depending on its skin tone, to dress all wrists.


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