How to Buy Custom Hair Replacement Systems for Women

Just like men, even women today are noticing hair loss in the early 20s or 30s. The reason for this is increased work stress, environmental pollution or genetic factors. Regardless of the reason, hair loss can impact anyone’s self-confidence.

But all thanks to the advanced hair replacement systems for women, they can stay confident and experience the positive changes without undergoing a surgical hair transplant. Unlike rudimentary and unsophisticated wigs, hair systems provide a more evolved and customised solution for women dealing with hair thinning or baldness.

Now the question arises how to choose the perfect hair system for a woman. The given factors may guide you to choose the best non-surgical hair system:

1) Measure size of the hair replacement systems

To get the perfect custom hair replacement systems, it is essential to measure the size accurately. An oversized or smaller hair system fails to meet its purpose of concealing the bald scalp. Everyone doesn’t have the same head size, so you need to get yours measured properly to meet individual preferences and differences. Only professional technicians and hairdressers can help you achieve that, so only consult the specialists in the field.

2) Choose the right hair type

It is best to choose the human hair system to get a more natural appearance. The best human hair is being sourced from India, China and Europe. Usually, Chinese hair is difficult to style, as they are thick. But Indian hair is thinner and easy to style. Even European hair is soft and delicate for easily styling without chemical treatments. You can choose the hair type as per your preference.

3) Check the durability

The hair source is not the only criteria to choose the hair system, as you need to check its strength, quality colour and texture too. A virgin hair system is treated less to the chemicals and thus, are expensive. But low-cost hair systems are made from synthetic that looks unnatural, as well as are not resistant to heat. They also don’t last for a long duration.

4) Choose the right texture, colour and hairstyle

You have to be careful when selecting hair texture, colour and hairstyle. One specialised hairstylist knows the accurate parameter to choose the right hair system. That’s why only consult the experts when looking for women’s toupees. Some experts custom-fit hairpieces themselves to meet your needs.

5) Choose hair replacement systems according to your face shape

Every face needs a unique hair toupee, so it’s essential to know what suits your face. Here are some easy tips to make a decision:

  • For a heart-shaped face, choose a hairpiece that falls up to the chin and below. Curly hair is also a good option. The basic idea here is to add more volume below the jaw line for women.
  • If you have an oval-shaped face, curly hair systems are great to frame their face aesthetically while allowing some movement.
  • For round and square-shaped face, the human hair system with short to medium length with texture is the best.
  • If you have the diamond-shaped face, don’t use voluminous hair systems that would add extra volume to the face. Instead, choose a system that adds texture.


A hair system is a personalised requirement and cannot be bought from the shelf. You need to consult a hair specialist to help you select a system that suits your face and age. After all, the purpose of a hair system is to make you appear elegant and age-appropriate, not someone who’s trying hard to look young.