How To Build Up To A Six Figure Income

For several reasons, including debt relief, retirement savings, having money set aside for unexpected expenses, and just living more comfortably, individuals desire to increase their income. There are several ways to enhance your income, like getting a new qualification or launching a side company.

There will definitely come a moment when a little more cash may go a long way while you’re advancing your profession and planning your future. You may be building up your savings for emergencies or you may be saving for a major purchase like a house or a new automobile. You may work toward accomplishing whatever objective you have by coming up with original strategies to increase your income.

Following are a few advantages that may result from an increase in income:

  • Less financial anxiety
  • The capacity to pay off debts more quickly
  • A capacity to put money aside for a contingency fund or other financial objectives
  • More monetary stability
  • Not having to live paycheck to paycheck any longer

There are both immediate and long-term options when selecting how to increase your income. It’s also crucial to consider any higher tax obligations brought on by increased income. You may, however, generate additional money in a method that best matches your skills and interests provided you prepare ahead.

Here are some ways to build up to a six-figure business:

Request a Pay Raise

Sam Underwood, owner of Bingo Card Creator suggests; “Try asking for a raise if you haven’t had one in a while or if you’ve taken on more responsibility and work at your position. Just be sure to be ready for the talk. You may demonstrate your value by giving instances of how you’ve assisted the organization in achieving its sales objectives.

If you’re unclear about how much to demand, find out what people with your level of expertise typically make in your region. Check to determine whether your company is willing to give you a one-time bonus for your efforts if a permanent rise is not an option.”

Look for a Job That Pays More

According to a PwC poll conducted in August 2021, about two-thirds of American employees are looking for new employment, and greater income is the main driver. Update your LinkedIn profile and CV with work experience that demonstrates your special skill set as soon as you begin your job hunt.

Max Hauer, founder of Goflow states; “Don’t be hesitant to use your current network to inform others that you are open to a change. You’ll be more likely to learn about fresh possibilities if you have more ears on the ground.

Look around on websites like and Glassdoor before any interviews to get a sense of what the company’s typical pay is. You’ll be better prepared for pay discussions if you’re well-informed.”

Start a Side Business

Caitlyn Parish, owner of Cicinia recommends the following: “Consider your own personality, abilities, interests, and schedule. Social butterflies could be lured to working as a bartender or meeting new people while driving for an Uber or Lyft competitor. On the other hand, introverts may find their place with online teaching or other work-from-home side projects.

Freelancing is a different option and a very lucrative one. As long as you are not breaking any noncompete agreements with your full-time job, you may use your connections to locate employment in your field.”

Modify the amount of tax withheld

You may change the amount of tax deducted from your paycheck if you urgently need money. You’ll get a larger payment as soon as the next pay month thanks to this. At the end of the year, you will still be responsible for paying taxes on your income, so keep that in mind.

Look at the perks you get as an employee

Many businesses provide advantages to workers that help them save money. These benefits include things like 401(k) alternatives and flexible spending accounts (FSAs). These advantages assist in reducing income taxes and promoting retirement savings.

Make Your Interest A Business

Rhett Stubbendeck, founder of LeverageRx recommends believes that “You can certainly find a method to leverage your abilities to make money if you have a secret ability or passion that you’d be happy to spend more time developing. There are several methods to market your art online if you’re creative.

You may connect with prospective consumers quickly and easily via online communities. To further spread the word, you may also think about going to nearby fairs, farmer’s markets, or other events.”

Know What You Can Teach

Blogging, freelance writing, and public speaking are all methods to share your knowledge and be paid for if you think others would be interested in learning about your special abilities. Additionally, research local opportunities for teaching at a community college or night school.

Rental of a Space

Renting out a room in your house or apartment, whether for a long or little period of time, has never been a simpler way to make additional money.

This may soon develop into a dependable supplementary source of income. Before renting out a room in your house if you are a tenant, be sure to read your agreement or verify with your landlord.

In 2021, it is now easier than ever to earn more money and support achieve your financial goals. However, it still does come with hurdles and you will need to do loads of research and hard work before that is possible.

If you’re passionate about something, monetize it and go for it! The sky is the limit in the 21st century.