How to Build Up A Strong Brand With Your Mobile Game

There are approximately 7 billion people in the world, and around one-third of them are mobile gamers.

We all saw how games like Fortnite and PubG managed to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue over the past couple of years so you should really not underestimate the reach and power of mobile gaming in these times.

With the right development, top of the line graphics, engaging gameplay and a powerful storyline, your mobile gaming app can seriously become your next big, highly lucrative business entity.

Non-gaming brands, along with high-tech mobile game development companies, are realizing that there is a lot of space to penetrate this market through entirely new approaches without taking anything away from the gaming experience.

Let’s see how game development companies and businesses can leverage the rise of mobile games to empower their brand.

Focus on the changing gamer demographics

Everyone plays games, which means mobile game developers and gaming companies should be building products that appeal to women as much as men. However, according to a study by Newzoo and Google, around 60% of women who play mobile games think that only 30% of lesser mobile games cater to the preferences of women players.

With rapidly increasing mobile users around the globe, the exponential rise of apps in major app stores, and new mobile game genres, it is time for mobile game development companies and advertisers to rethink the typical demographics of mobile games. Contrary to what might be commonly believed, these days, a teenage boy is not the only involved gamer out there anymore. Based on research, in the United States, 62% of mobile players are women between the ages of 35 and 44. That said, according to Statista, in the US, around a quarter (21%) of all video game players are 50 years old people or older.

The diversity of mobile games in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store has multiplied exponentially during the last few years. These days we see more multi-players games, amass of genres, and options for all kinds of players who like simple adventures that require little commitment and training and those who want to jump in deep.

However, if women represent half of the mobile gamers and their top reason to play games is to relax, then it would make more sense of mobile game developers to cater to this demographic with hyper-causal games. This would also be a premium advertisement opportunity for brands to engage with this demographic.

Mobile users are spending 87% of their device time on apps, and that app is likely to be a game. Looking at how much the core demographics of mobile games have changed during the last few years, mobile game development companies need to rethink and revise their definition of typical gamers. They promote their games as such to build a brand around them, creating new opportunities for advertisers and help them more effectively reach their audience.

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Deliver unique experience leveraging gaming technologies

Mobile users want to go on adventures, visit fantasy worlds, and be engaged using advanced VR and AR technologies. They are looking for an escape or ways to relax. Hence a lot of mobile gamers let go of all distractions when they enter a mobile game. They are most receptive and excited and open to extraordinary experiences that only perfect settings, high-quality graphic resolutions, and a strong sense of sensation can provide. It not only makes them committed to the game but also builds a positive association with the game and brands associated with it.

To be effective, it is crucial to show the right advertisement at the right time and place. Besides, mobile games offer several opportunities for brands to engage the users within their happy area, which boost the possibilities of conversation. You have to understand what genre of games your audience would be interested in playing. So, whether it’s the genre of the game or placement of ads, you have to deliver a gaming experience that provides a haven, and that’s how you turn regular players into loyal ones.

In-game rewards develop a positive brand association

Mobile gamers are different from conventional video game players. They are more open to watching ads if they receive in-game rewards in return, like power-ups or extra lives. Besides, some of the gamers might prefer it this way. Based on a study, for 40.1% of mobile users, a video that offers some form of reward is the most acceptable form of advertisement, and this the highest rate for any ad format.

Another study shows that 74% of people who viewed rewarded ads were able to enjoy the overall experience. Besides, women make about 55% of the total views of rewarded ad videos, and they also have a higher video completion rate than men. There is logic even behind ad format and strategy, and you want to offer gamers sometime in exchange for their time.

With rewarded ad videos, mobile game development companies don’t have to feed ads to their users forcedly. Instead, they can be an opt-in experience that offers positive reinforcement. With the right strategy, brands can make their ad videos part of the whole gaming experience. They can be memorable and can have a real impact on the purchasing decision of the user. 

Build a game for today’s gamers

Brands that are looking for a sophisticated entry into the mobile gaming world and becoming able to engage with users at a point where they are most attentive, this would require more effort than just putting in an ad video. The mobile gaming industry is an excellent avenue for marketing professionals and entrepreneurs to make their mark. Still, they must be more aware of the mobile gaming demographics, the overall experience, and in-game rewards. The idea is to make your strategy focused on the gamers and catering to the evolving and thriving market.