How To Build Relationship With Your Blog Audience?

Relationships are all about communication, emotion, and bonding. If you want a long string of loyal audience then you can try a few hacks that can actually help you attract and retain the readers.

Use a conversational tone

Keep your blog as ‘you’ and ‘I’. The reader wants to know if you care about them. This personalization can help where your content speaks directly to the user. Have you ever seen a bonding happening between bots? Human emotions, feelings, and especially words connect the users. 

Engage them 

While writing your blog content ask your readers questions. Make them use their logic by sharing a puzzle. You can even share a piece of interesting statistics or data to interest your audience. Engagement is the key to build a relationship. You are doing something out of the ordinary to make your audience remember you.

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Inspire your audience

Inspiring someone is difficult because you need to show a convincing example. Start by empathizing with your readers. Give them small tricks to try that are easy and bring sure shot results. The more motivated your audience feels the more willing they will be to put their trust in you. This will be the first and good start to build a healthy relationship.

Share your failures

You know besides sharing good stuff what else has the ability to establish a good bond? Failures. It’s ok to show your failure or vulnerability because that shows you are human who has not found success or day 1 and build a road to eventually reach somewhere. When your audience will be able to relate with your failures they will be more interested to know about you.

Build a two-way road of communication

Your blog content should not revolve around you. It should involve your audience too. Try asking them how’s their success coming or are they facing any challenges. The more you take interest in your audience the stronger your bond will be.

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Relationship building has two sides. If you are demanding attention make sure you attend to your audience too. Best relationships are all about to give and take. Thus next time someone drops a comment on your blog make sure you greet it with more than just a thank you. You can give them advice or share a piece of an important link or just leave a suggestion for them to try. The best hack starts with personalization. Try addressing them with their last name and give a specific solution rather than a generic one to make sure the audience feels special. 

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