How to build a toy box?

Every year when the event of Christmas is approaching, almost all of the parents are thinking of what kind of gifts should they give to their children. In addition to it, many of them are also concerned about the place where the toys of children should be stored.

Building a toy box is a worth considering idea in this regard. A toy box is the place where you can save the toys of your children including mini rc cars and other similar toys.

There are several wooden toy box ideas that you can try to build a toy box. Out of all these ideas, the one mentioned below will help you build a toy box with greater ease and effectiveness.

Material required:

The material you will need while building a toy box is mentioned below.

4 rectangular shaped pieces of material of your own choice

2 square pieces

2 lid stays

4 castors

18 clipboard screws of 4×30 mm

2×95 screw hinges

And the tools you will need include:

Screw driver

Drill piece of 2.5 and 5mm

Wood glue


Tape measure

Measuring square

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1-Add the sides:

After cutting all the material board into required lengths, you need to join all the sides. One of the three rectangular pieces will work as the base and the other two will work as sides.

After joining the threes three pieces, you need to place another piece on the top. And the top piece would be placed in a position similar to that of the base.

In order to attach these pieces, build the pilot holes of 2.5 mm each. And the number of pilot holes should be five, however, it may vary depending upon your need. 

Similar pilot holes should be made on the bottom piece. Then apply glue and press the pieces to remove excess glue. After that, put the screws to make the connection between pieces strong.

2-Attach the end pieces:

After adding the sides, what you need to do is attach the end pieces using the pilot holes made for this purpose. It is necessary to mention here that for middle piece 2 screws will be needed. While bottom piece will require only one piece.

In case of end pieces the measurements will vary to some extent. However, you each end piece will require one screw to be fixed form end.

Now you need to attach end pieces to side pieces. However, the end pieces should be inside the side pieces and above the bottom piece.

3-Attach the lid:

While attaching the lid to the pieces first that needs to be done is fix the concealed hinges onto the lid. For this purpose, you need to make a hole with the help of hinge hole cutter drill piece. The hinges you buy should be able to bend at an angle of 95 degree.

After fixing the hinges to the lid, attach the hinge unit to the box with the help of pilot holes.

4-Finish the making process:

In this last step, first of all add the D handle to your toy box at a position you want it to be. For this purpose makes two holes for handle and fix it in the way you fixed the pieces.

Finally, you can add castors to the box to make its movement easy. Moreover, you can also paint it to give it an attractive look.


Making a toy box can solve many problems regarding the safe storage of the toys of children. If you want to make a toy box for your children, you can simply follow the step by step procedure as mentioned above.

It is one of the best homemade toy box ideas you can opt. Because the materials used in it are not costly and the procedure is also very simple.