How to Build a Light Saber


Lightsabers are fast becoming a fashion statement. Star Wars has been a big inspiration for these trendy lightsabers. The old traditional lightsaber is a metal tube filled with fluorescent LED lights attached to a metal handle. Now you understand why it looks so beautiful in the hand of an evil Jedi or a dark Sith Lord. But how can you purchase? The perfect saber if the marketplace is flooded with all kinds of lightsabers at all different prices at Zia Sabers.

In my view, there are substantial advantages to learning how to make your Self made lightsabers. The first advantage is that you can custom make the blade for your saber or sword of your dreams. Whether it be a Sith saber, a Jedi, or a cleaver, you can be the creator of your style. While you can purchase a pre-made saber blade, if you prefer your saber to be made from something a little more personalized, you can practice with different sized blades until you find one that fits you perfectly and feels perfect in your hands.

How to Build a Light Saber With the Best Tips

A lightsaber, also known as a saber or saber sword, is among the most famous and popular toys sold in the world. These toys have become a massive hit in the Asian markets. These lightsabers are among the favorites of kids and adults alike. The popularity of these sabers can be traced back to more than three decades now.

The characters in star wars have used these awesome toys for many years as a part of their arsenal. During the past few decades, they have been modified and made even more realistic. There are various sabers that you can choose from depending on your budget and preference. Some people who want to own one would do anything to have one. If you want to know how to make a saber, read this article to get some tips.

Things to consider:

First, it is crucial to note that the sabers are made of high-quality metal or wood. Although some cheaper and lower grade sabers are available, they are not suitable for children and could be dangerous for them.

If you are planning to teach your kid how to build a saber, there are a few things that you should consider first. First is the age of your kid. The sabers that are intended for children are smaller and easier to use. Before you start building the saber, you should consider their age first. The sabers are usually built with plasma blades, and they are meant for children more than four years old.

A popular method for building a lightsaber for kids is to use an electric air ionizer to charge up the plates. This helps to make the fusing process faster and easier. The kids can then use their new saber after successfully charging it up. Fusing is a must in sabers as it helps close the gap between the blade and the saber blade.

After successfully building one or two sabers, you may want to start upgrading them. How to build lightsabers with the best tips always starts with proper planning. Start making designs and sketching for your first saber. Then, try to get some spare parts from the hobby shop to add to your collection. You will surely be amazed at the best results of building your saber.


  • Decide the color because the voltages difference is quite significant in each light.
  • Buy a sound source from a local retail shop.
  • Look for a power source and a resister; a 18650 lithium-ion battery is recommended.
  • Connect your LEDs, speakers, batteries, plus the on/off switch to a circuit board.
  • Create a hilt or buy one.
  • Get a 40 inches polycarbonate tube for your blade and a blading film for dispersion of light.
  • Roll the blade film inside of the tube and attach it to the hilt.
  • That’s pretty much it!

Final thoughts:

If you wish to know how to build lightsabers, you must first understand how sabers work and how they are constructed. Following this information will help you assemble a saber that will reflect the best aspects of your life. If you wish to learn how to build a saber, follow the steps mentioned above. You may even decide to build your first saber and begin practicing on it!


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