How to Build a Car Park

 From structural planning to security measures, the scope and build of a car park is no mean feat! Lots and lots of people will need to be involved, and you’ll need to be crystal clear on the requirements and implications up front. This simple guide will help to introduce you to the fundamental things to think about before you begin…

Planning well is key

The most crucial part of building a car park comes way before the construction phase, and that’s good planning. There are lots of questions you’ll need answers to before you begin executing the project, such as what is the purpose of the car park, who will it be serving, how much will the build cost versus your budget, what kind of revenue do you expect to generate and how, and so on. It’s also really important to seek the necessary approvals and to choose the right car park management partner. The latter will ensure the smooth running of the space day-to-day, tending to any technical issues, keeping things secure, and providing good customer service to visitors. There’s lots of equipment at your disposal, too, such as parking posts, mirrors and gates, so think about what you’ll need and why.

Decide on your vehicle capacity

Not only does your car park need to meet the required volume of cars, but you’ll also need to cater for all the different types of visitors. Naturally, your capacity will depend on what the car park is trying to achieve, e.g. for an entertainment venue, you may want to think about the number of seats in the venue and work up from there. You’ll need to consider staff spacing, disabled spaces and spaces for parents with children, also bearing in mind where to place these. For example, in a multi-storey car park, if there’s no access to a lift you’ll need to think about which of these to place on the ground floor.

Consider car park safety and accessibility

It might sound obvious, but an isolated car park is a big concern for the public and, if your car park is a little off the beaten track, you’ll need to go above and beyond to communicate the safety measures you have in place, such as good lighting and reliable and plentiful security cameras. For added assurance for customers, your best bet is a Park Mark accreditation. This is a certificate given to the safest car parks in the UK. Also, bear in mind that customers visiting a place for the first time will be looking for the most convenient place to park, so think about a no-barrier entrance and a wide entry-point that’s easily spotted.

Don’t forget the aesthetics!

While convenience and cost is key, don’t forget about making your car park as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Is there scope for landscaping, for example? Is the structure in keeping with the local surroundings? Just like the welcoming and easy-to-spot entryway, you’re seeking out features that will draw in drivers who potentially haven’t visited before.