How to Build a Brand on Twitter in 6 Steps?

Twitter is an excellent tool for establishing your brand and spreading the news about your company. Here are six tips for using Twitter to build your business.

#1 Make Your Twitter Profile More Interesting

Although the first phase may appear simple (and it is! ), improving your profile will help you go from zero to hero.

Consider it a game of dress-up. It provides them with an idea of who you are.

You can improve your Twitter profile by:

  • Have a distinct image for your company and the work you conduct.
  • A clean image of your face is required (not your company logo)
  • A fantastic cover image
  • Link to pages about you that are relevant (, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • A compelling Twitter bio (I used a humorous approach.)
  • Include a link to your blog.

It’s critical that your profile photo matches your other social media profiles. People will be able to quickly recognise you in this manner.

#2 Send relevant information to clients and prospects via Twitter

Always include a link to your website’s additional information. It should be a page on your website that adds value to the Tweet without requiring visitors to fill out a web form in order to read the content. This is a nice addition to your lead-generation Tweets. You don’t want them to get upset by having to fill out an online form every time.

#3 In your Tweets, add value

On Twitter, the value gives your brand context.

Here are two simple methods by which you can add value.

  • Share the work of others.
  • Please share your article.

I recommend that you do both. Calculate the ratio of those tweets.

I want to maintain at least 50:50 because I already have a large number of entries published on a variety of blogs, including my own.

#4 To Keep Your Brand Name in The Twitter Stream, You Should Tweet 10 To 20 Times Every Day.

You can schedule Tweets with relevant material links and then follow up with five to ten customised Tweets in which you interact with other Twitter users.

#5 Create a Blog

My blog would be the single most essential aspect in helping me brand my Twitter account if you asked me to name it.

Twitter is ideal for sharing quick information, interacting with others, and having your own voice.

A blog, on the other hand, takes showcasing your skills to a whole new level when it comes to building your brand.

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Your blog is where you can show off your knowledge. Blogging provides context and is an excellent addition to your Twitter brand. It is inextricably linked.

My blog serves as a repository for my ideas, and Twitter serves as a platform for sharing them.

#6 Be True to Yourself

The greatest was saved for last. Be sincere and true to yourself.

On Twitter, someone once advised me to maintain a professional demeanour.

Because it wasn’t me, I didn’t pay attention. I try to spice up my tweets with a little sarcasm and a little levity. That’s me in person, and that’s who I am online.

The same can be said for the stuff you’re disseminating. If you don’t want to publish personal photos or quotes. It’s not a good idea.

Be yourself. Implement best practices, but be yourself at the end of the day.

Final Thoughts

All of these are things I’ve learned from my years on Twitter. It has greatly aided in the development of my Twitter brand.

I’ve demonstrated that many of them work and that they continue to work now since I’ve seen outcomes from them.


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