How To Build A Better Relationship With Your Clients

To run a smooth business, a good and healthy relationship with clients is pivotal. Your clients are who give you your business and are the force that ensures your success. Think of it as a car. You spend months trying to save up. You see so many clothes that you want to buy but you don’t. You see so many food deals that you want to eat but you control your desires. You see so many things that you want, so many chances where you can spend your money but resist all because you want to save up money. You give up on all your dreams, desires, wants and needs just so you can save some money. Point is that you put in so much effort to start up something but it would mean nothing if you do not have a clientele. It would be like your car has no wheels. Your clientele is what moves you and your venture forward.

Whether you promote your business with business cards online or via flyers or advertisements, the one thing that is most important is to gather clientele. To do so you need to build a healthy, positive and long-lasting relationship with them. You need to keep them happy and gain their trust. To do so, there are a number of steps that you need to take. The following are those tips discussed in complete detail.

Master The Art Of Communication

Naturally, you will need to be able to be very interactive with your clients. Thus, you would have to master the art of communication. This means a lot of things and not just fluency in the language. This means that you need to be able to keep the conversation going between you and your client. You would need to be able to hold the floor while the client is thinking of something. You would need to be able to keep a very light yet stern and persuasive tone. You would need to be confident about what you say and do not interrupt when faced with an unfamiliar question or request by the client you are dealing with.

You would need to be an excellent conversationalist and be interesting. So interesting that the clients ask for you specifically.

Keep A Positive Attitude

What is the worst part of a shopping trip to the mall? For me, it is definitely coming across a retailer who has the worst attitude ever. None of us want to interact with a person who is rude, not understanding and who has a very upsetting body language. When you sign up for a job, you need to give your 100%, that would mean being positive even on your darkest days. Imagine it this way, you have your surgery done and wake up to find haphazard stitches and very sharp pain in your sides. You ask what went wrong and they inform you how the doctor was in a bad mood so did not want to perform the surgery. How absolutely absurd does that sound?

This is exactly what happens when you for some services but have to face such a person who doesn’t give you the right deals or does not inform you about all the services that they are serving. Sounds wrong, does not it? This is why you need to keep a positive attitude to build a better relationship with your clients. Be happy about what you are doing. Keep a smile on your face all day. Be a cheerful person to talk to, let the clients know that they are there for you. Show them that they are ready to help and be on your best behavior, to simply put into words. Remember that you will face all sorts of people and some might not be very nice or understanding. They might give you a very hard time and have a very hard and rude behavior. In such times, it is natural to lose your calm and not be able to maintain a light attitude. However, this is not a perfect world and you do not get it easy so remember that even if you face such a client, you still need to know that you are here for your job and that no matter who is sitting across from you, you need to keep a positive attitude always.

Have Solutions

Remember that your client is coming to you because they trust you and have complete faith in you. They trust you to help them out, solve their queries, to guide them accordingly or to inform them about everything in great detail. They are coming to you because of something that they cannot do themselves and need your help. This is why you need to have solutions for them. You need to prove to them that their decision of coming to you was rightly made and that they will not regret it.

Never say no to a client. This word has a taboo on it. Do not use it in front of your client. You need to understand that in your line of work, you will face a lot of different types of people. Not everybody will just ask you one thing or require one thing. Everybody has different choices and styles and you would need to adjust accordingly. Some of the requests that they make will not be very easy to carry out and would require a lot of effort and extra input. When such a case happens, you need to remember that you can’t just turn down a client. In such cases, you have 2 options and none of them include the word ‘’NO!’’. You can increase your ratings by putting in extra hours, contacting links, asking other people for help and by pulling all strings to pull together the result that your clients asked for. The other thing that you can do is to show them other options. When you realize that pulling off what the client is asking is not going to be possible, you show them other options that can act as a substitute. This would show them that you are willing to work something out for them and that you truly invested in this.


 To improve your relationships with clients is to put yourself in their mind and work out what they need. This enables you to be the exact person that they want to work with and makes you very approachable and likable. Fortunately, you will learn to read and understand people and this would become an easy task. Until then, good luck!