How To Brand Your Office


1. Use your location as inspiration

One great way to find inspiration when it comes to office design and branding is to consider its location. This is a great idea if your business has a local focus or roots. So, for example, one great idea is to create a mural which contains popular or well known landmarks or traditional images. This is certainly a fantastic idea for the reception part of your office.


2. Have different staff and client spaces

You should consider having two different approaches when it comes to designing the staff and client parts of your office. In your client areas, you may want to place your company’s logo on the walls with suitable corporate wording and messages. Speak to the Image Group to design the ideal office space. When it comes to designing staff spaces, they would likely want a more comfortable space as opposed to unnecessary branding everywhere. It is important to design comfortable spaces for your staff so that they feel comfortable and capable of performing their jobs as best as they can.


3. Product focus

One good idea is to focus on your company’s product or service when it comes to design. For example, if you have a food based business, then you should definitely have a large area for dining with a communal kitchen. If your company makes games and toys, then you could have a separate game room where your staff can talk about creative ideas for new games, test different toys and more.


4. Think about how your business operates

When branding an office you want it to look great, it also needs to be a space that supports productivity. If your particular business requires a lot of collaboration, then a good idea would be to have an open office plan that has lots of different seating areas and tables. However, if your business requires your staff to work quietly and on their own, then you may want to provide quiet and private cubicles for each employee.


5. Avoid going OTT

Remember, even if you may want to go all out on your office, there is such a thing as too much. For example, you may want to get the latest appliances and high fashion decor to show that your company places an emphasis on success and high living. However, this may show your shareholders and even your clients that you eagerly waste resources and money.



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