How to Boost Concentration and Performance in the Classroom

According to many teachers, the majority of students complain that they lack concentration during the class lecture, ultimately affecting their performance in the classroom. Whereas these students don’t consider themselves on fault and blame outside elements like digital entertainment, social media, etc. thus they need to reflect on their situation and take responsibility for their fault. And if there is any external element that is causing a drop in their concentration then identify it and eradicate or stop it from hampering your focus on your studies.

Since the competitive examinations like JEE Main, JEE Advanced and NEET requires you to have a deep understanding of subject matter and their involved concepts. Thus to achieve the desired result in these competitive exams, one needs to be attentive in the class lectures. That can only be achieved by paying enough concentration. Hence, to understand how to Boost Concentration and Performance in the Classroom, the experienced faculties of coaching in Kota suggest a few tips that will help you improve your concentration level. Ultimately helping you to ace all the examinations that you may take in your lifetime.

Sit near the front of the class

If you are allowed to sit anywhere that you want in your class or lecture then grabbing a seat in front or close to the teacher will help you keep focused. Also, try to sit away from your friends or any source of distractions.

Participate in the class

Participating in the class will help you keep engaged and focused and will help you understand the content better. There are many benefits of participating in the class, as it is an important aspect of learning. It helps you to express ideas, obtain more deep down information enhancing your understanding. Moreover, answers to any question or queries of the teacher that he/she asks you in the class will also develop and improve your public speaking skills.

Talk to your teacher after the lecture

Talking to your teacher after the lecture or after the class gets over will certainly help. If you feel hesitant to talk to your teacher then you can start the conversation and hit the chord by asking simple questions like mentioned below.

Could you please explain this again?

I don’t understand this part?

Is this answer correct?

How can I study for this?

Asking questions about any concept that you don’t understand in the lecture will help you stay focused on the latter lectures.

Study before to every class

The reason that you don’t concentrate in your class because you don’t understand the lectures very well. Preparing beforehand for the class will be extremely helpful.

There are some ways to prepare for the upcoming lectures that you can use at your home place. You can read the study material beforehand, take notes from it, review the notes and try to summarize it, make a list of questions, etc.

Take fun notes

Taking aesthetic and funny notes can help you stay focused during your class since you would be actively participating in the ongoing lecture while summarizing the facts and information.

Focus on the present

This means that you try to avoid thinking about the past or future like what you are going to do after the lecture and what you did previously to it. Have the right mindset, as being positive about the class will help you keep on task and feel more focused.

Work-Rest Balance

Lack of proper sleep and rest can cause you to doze off during the ongoing lectures, and slow down your concentration. As per some proven statistics say a person needs to get 7-8 hours of sleep for the proper functioning of the mind. As it will keep your mind fresh and enhance concentration and performance in your class.

Keep a balanced check on the food that you eat

Students generally resort to fast food also called junk foods, which acts as the element of the feel-good factor. However, there are many adverse effects of these foods that they put on the mind’s analytical capabilities. Hence, instead of it, you should consider replacing junk food with fresh raw foods and the meals that contain all the veggies and other foods in their natural form. It will help you keep your physical and mental health in the right place. Some memory enhancing foods that you can consider incorporating in your foods are Walnuts, Almonds, Peanuts, fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs, etc.

At last, you can conclude that apart from your ways of study, the lifestyle will also affect the level of concentration and performance in class. Thus follow these above-mentioned factors and tips to improve your focus and performance.