How to block someone on Facebook?


There can be a number of reasons if you wish to block someone from your friend list on Facebook. Doesn’t matter if it’s a security concern or regarding mental health safeguarding, as a user you are entitled to the right to do so.

What does it actually mean? (To have someone barred/blocked on FB)

The moment you block an individual on FB they now will no longer have access to the posts that happen to appear on your timeline as and when you post. Tagging you in their posts won’t be possible. Neither can they send you an invite to join a group or a community? And lastly, I can’t message you at all. Blocking someone literally means you have unfriended them or removed them from your contact/friend list. It is also possible to get your deleted messages on Facebook.

Blocking someone on FB (How’s it done on a Desktop?)

One of the easiest and instant ways to block someone when you’re using GB on a desktop browser be it Edge or Chrome this is what you need to do

1. Go to the profile of the person you wish to block.

2. The three dots visible, clicking on it will give you access to a list of options.

3. Among the 6 options available and visible to you, the last one is that you should select in order to block that person.

4. Once you’ve clicked that option there will be a message which will ask for your confirmation if you really wish to block him/her.

5. And when you click on the confirm block option, the person is blocked

Blocking someone on FB (How’s it done on a Mobile App?)

More or less it is the same way you must stick to. Whether mobile app or desktop browser

1. On the app you need to go to the profile of the person you wish to block.

2. Once you have landed that person’s profile on the extreme right there will be three (3) dots visible.

3. These are available to you as a user and when you click it, it’ll have the same number of options that you have seen in the desktop version of FB.

4. There are 6 options, the last one is you need to select if you wish to block that person on Facebook.

5. And when you tap on that option there will be a confirm option that will pop on the screen

6. When you click on ‘Confirm Block’ that person is blocked on your Facebook and you’ve unfriended them removing them from the friend’s list.