How to blend your safe into your furniture?

 Getting a safe to store your valuables is a great choice. Whether it’s to store your money, jewelry, bonds, or guns, –  a safe is an excellent option for keeping your valuables safe. However, your valuables will only be truly secure as long as your safe is. Check out Guns & Safety Reviews for more on this.

To keep your safe concealed from the common eye and away from the sight of burglars and thieves, it is essential to keep it in a secure room where a lot of people can’t easily reach. Another option is to place the safe strategically to blend in with your furniture so that it’s camouflaged and doesn’t attract a lot of attention. If that’s something you’re willing to try,  here are some excellent ways that you can conceal your safe with your furniture for security and optimal safety:

  1. The closet under the stairs:

We’ve seen closets under stairs in many tv shows and movies. They serve as a great place to play hide-and-seek for children. However, if appropriately concealed with paint and chalking, you can make the closet look like a part of the wall. You can then use it to store your safe and other essential items. Since the cabinet will be concealed, no one but you will even think of looking there for a safe or valuables.

    2. Trick Vault:

Another great way of camouflaging your safe is to install a trick vault. You can find many, but one of our favorites is a vault that looks like a voltage conditioning system with the correct stickers and knobs on it. No one would dare mess with an electrical system unless they know what they’re doing. Even then, they wouldn’t ever imagine that it’s actually a safe because only you will know the passcode.

     3. Behind vents:

Vents serve as the perfect place to store your safe without arousing any suspicion. The safe won’t stand out to anyone, and it will look like a regular vent regulating the airflow in your house. Many quick vent safes are also available that can be easily mounted to a wall and appear as an actual vent.

    4.  Beneath the floorboards:

Your floorboards offer great potential for storage space. You can make a personalized built-in storage area under the floorboards and stash your important belongings and valuables there, along with a safe. No burglar would think of tearing apart your floorboard to find a vault.

     5. Under your mattress:

Even though your bedroom might be a prime suspect for housing a safe, any regular person would look for storage compartments, space under the bed, or your closet for a safe. Where they would not expect a safe to be is under your mattress. Many beds come with storage capacity under the mattress. It includes a lift-mechanism that you can use to lift the mattress and place your safe.

There are many different ways of blending a safe in your furniture. All it requires is a little creativity and the willingness to spend a little money on it if needed. 

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