How To Blend Your Antiques In A Modern Home

Modern homes are beautiful, but adding a touch of antique traditionalism never hurt any interior design. They may be expensive, but, as The Guardian states, it’s not about the money; it’s about the love and preservation of something from our storied past. When you look at the interior decor of a modern home, though, an antique would stick out like a sore thumb. Something that would find the perfect home in a house with a study, a conservatory, and possibly swords crossed above a fireplace mantle would look out of place in a home that has efficiently designed modern space architecture. So, how do we rationalize mixing the traditional with the new? There are actually some unique ways of blending antiques with contemporary design to offer you a balance of both styles.

Use A Single Piece as a Focal Point

This suggestion doesn’t mean that your antique should default to being the focal point. More often than not, an antique helps to build the decor, not become a defining point in it. You can just as easily have your antique lined up next to your Creative Cabinets and Faux Finishes countertop, with something else being the main focus of the room. Suppose you have an exceptionally well-designed table set that stands out. In that case, the antique could add to the ambiance by its location along the walls, offsetting the modern finish’s colors and textures with something more traditional.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Interior Space

If your antique weighs a couple of tons and takes a small moving van to get it home, you may be biting off more than you can chew. The reason modern home design works the way it does is because modernity is synonymous with efficiency. Small utility pieces typically make up the core of the style, but it’s not uncommon to see one or two larger pieces, each with a practical fashion. Having a massive antique to overshadow the entire design certainly creates a focal point. However, it also managed to irreparably damage the ambiance by disrupting the easy flow of movement by occupying way too much space.

Modern Rugs Under Antiques Are a Hit

If you have an antique that needs to have a bit more personality, consider sliding a rug underneath it. The modern carpet blends with the rest of the interior and provides a perfect counterbalance to the antique’s ambiance. If you’re trying to transport the antique into a modern era, consider the rug’s design and the way it offsets the antique itself. With the right eye for design, the juxtaposition can be unique and inviting. However, it doesn’t work with all antique designs, and you need to have the right kind of eye for detail to figure out if it does.

Mixing the Past with the Present

Antiques are a way to bring past culture and design into the modern age. They are sometimes intricate designs developed to be reflections of their present. Today’s world has a distinct lack of bespoke furniture, making antiques a unique way to mix the past with the present. However, we can’t just throw everything into a room and hope the decor works itself out. As with all interior design, it takes time and effort to match these pieces properly. Each piece has a personality, and by finding how it works with modern design, you bring that piece into the present to exist with its peers in your interior space.