How to blend bones without a grinder?

Nowadays it is a common practice to raise a pet at home. In such a situation, it is our responsibility to take special care of our pets whether it is their cottage or their meal. Because you will never want your pet to feel lonely by being with you. And if it is about pets like dogs or cats, then you have to take special care of their food, because meat and bones are mandatory edible elements in their food.


 When it comes to raw meat, it can be easily minced because there is a lot of grinder in the market nowadays, which allows you to mince meats in different ways without any burdensome. But the problem comes when we have to grind bones because pets cannot swallow raw and unprocessed bones so it is very important to grind the bones. 


 At this very point, you have to face this problem because it becomes difficult when a grinder is not capable of doing this. Actually, the thing is that meat grinders of daily use can grind meat effortlessly but their motors are not as powerful as they can grind bones as well. I am not talking about all grinders. Some of the grinders are powerful enough to grind bones but most of the grinders fail to grind them. And by forcefully doing this, either the blades of grinders are broken or you can harm the electronic machinery parts of your appliance.


How can you sort out this problem?


If you are willing to grind bones, you need such device that has to have durable and high motor power and also feautured with additional qualities. Unfortunately you can’t get these requirements together so you have to opt for the best quality meat grinder for bones, a more efficient machine that can handle soft and even hard bones. But It will also take a lot of money to buy such powerful grinding machine.

And if you are not interested in purchasing it instantly then What can you do?


Well, there are some alternative ideas that you can use. You can grind bones without a grinder. Yes, you have heard right, you can grind unprocessed bones without a grinder. Most of the people are interested in using their regular food processor or blender in the process of bone grinding.



But again, a question arises “Can a food processor grind bones?” and if yes then “Is it safe?”


Actually, it is not possible to blend bones in a blender or food processor in a direct way as the same problem arises that they need a powerful motor to handle tough bones. If you try to carry it out forcefully, it will definitely harm your food processor and also not safe for you.



So, What to do to blend bones in food processor?


You can definitely take food processor in blending use but for this you have to go through these 3 simple procedures so that your food processor won’t get damaged and you can easily blend bones.


Step 1  Before stuffing bones into the blender machine, you should select the soft bones so the blender can manage it effortlessly.


Keep in mind a few thinks like, to avoid cooked bones as it is dangerous for pets to consume and skip picking larger bones of pig or lambs.


Step2 Now the cut selected bones into small pieces using a rigid knife to make it easier for blender to turn it into powder. Cut it as small-sized as possible. I you have wing bone, cut them from the jointed site. 

After picking the bones, you can turn the bones into fine powder.


Step 3 Now, take a blender in-spite of a grinder and stuff multiple bones at a time and make sure to fill bones gently and don’t put pressure on the machine and let it run smoothly for 2-3 minutes. Add some water if the consistency seems thick than usual.


Your useless bone is now blended. You can use it to feed your pets as well as a fertilizer.


If you have grounded bones in much quantity then don’t worry, here are some tips to store blended bones that will help you to let it store for a few days.


  1. Pour the extra blended bones into a tightly sealed jar to prevent it from spoiling as well as from spilling.


  1. If you want to store it for a week, put it into the refrigerator. It will be fresh for a week.




If you don’t have a powerful grinding machine at your home and even you can’t afford to buy. Then simply, you can grind bones in your food processor without dealing any damage in your machine. Just follow the mentioned procedure above and serve your pet a nice and nutritious meal.

Ellen Hollington

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