How to Better Organize Your Nonprofits Donor Data

Data is not a buzzword in the business community. Data-driven businesses rely on facts and information to make decisions, instead of using intuition or observation. It’s estimated that about 60% of businesses still rely on their “gut” when making decisions instead of looking at the data. Non-profits often don’t use data to drive their fundraising campaigns. If you’re not looking at your donor’s data before making decisions, learn more about nonprofit management software that gives you insights into your donors to create relationships.

Having the Right Data Integration Tools for Your Nonprofit in Place Is the First Step

Salespeople know the key to getting sales is organization. Customer relationship management software is how many sales reps organize relationships and interactions with customers, current, past and potentials. CRM can boost productivity and assist with contact management. A Blackbaud Salesforce software can give you many insights, but it often doesn’t have the insights required for fundraising in the nonprofit world. Merging you data with a fundraising solution gives you even more tools to reach out to donors.

Organization and Efficiency of Donor Data Collection Is Crucial

Donors are constantly bombarded with requests for money. If your nonprofit isn’t organized, instead of receiving donations from your best donors, you may turn them off from your mission. You waste money through making multiple requests via different mediums. A database for nonprofits that increases your efficiency and leverages your technology gives you more options and saves you time when you’re fundraising.

Make Technology Work for Your Nonprofit

Managing donor information through multiple platforms, such as mailing lists and online newsletters, can be overwhelming, even in the most organized nonprofits. Unfortunately, many nonprofits work with a minimum staff in which each person is managing many different tasks. Using technology that helps your nonprofit with fundraising and database management lets you be more organized and productive in your fundraising.

Many nonprofits are operating with older databases that haven’t been updated or consolidated. Using comprehensive methodology that lets your business get up to date optimizes your fundraising capabilities. You can plan a giving campaign with measurable goals to reach out to donors. You won’t lose existing donors because your data is current.

You can build an effective strategy to segment donors to target specific people with each message. You may want to communicate with different donors through various mediums, but you don’t want to overlap to save time and prevent message-fatigue. Although you may be increasing communications, you don’t want to continually ask for money. Your strategy could include relevant messages about your mission and stories about who you are helping. Knowing where each donor is along the journey can help you reach out more effectively.

Get More Out of Your Data

Advance your mission by partnering with an award-winning company that gives you more resources in database management and fundraising campaigns. Partner with an organization that helps you leverage your data to make better decisions about who will listen to your message. Learn more about the nonprofit fundraising strategies with Omatic to integrate your CRM software for more efficiency.