How to Become an Online Tutor and Make a Business Out of It?

Online tutoring is an excellent way for educators to share their knowledge, earn some money, and teach their students from the comfort of their homes. Not just teachers, but also college students, former teachers, and professionals in a niche can also try their hands in this lucrative industry. The more qualification and expertise you hold, the more valuable you will be to your potential students.

Starting a tutoring business is certainly no easy task, but you can find success if you create a plan and stick to it. In order to begin, you can follow this blog which is a guide on becoming an online tutor and establishing a successful tutoring business.

Start by choosing a niche

To launch an online tutoring business, you must choose a niche that is relevant to your skills and expertise. For example, if you are already tutoring students on a particular subject or skill, you can consider adopting the same niche because that’s where your expertise lies. 

To drill down to identify specific niches, you can consider the levels at which you want to offer classes and subjects as well. For example, if you are an expert in Maths, ask yourself what level of students you want to teach- Elementary school, middle school, high school, or college students, or learners preparing for competitive exams.

Further narrow down your niche by choosing a subject, for instance, geometry or algebra. By defining a niche, you can market yourself as a High school level teacher specializing in geometry, which will make it easier for your target students to find you. 

Know your audience

To run a successful and profitable online tutoring business, one key step is identifying and knowing your target audience. You can get to know your target students by performing a thorough market research. Study about their needs and the reason why they should enroll in your online classes or buy your courses. Focus on their unique needs and combine these with your teaching strategy to deliver the best to them. Finally, determine the demographic of your audience, like age, gender, location, qualification level, profession, behavioural pattern, etc., to customize your offering accordingly. 

Create a business strategy

As with any business, you need a well-planned strategy on how to run your business. Online tutoring is no different. Instead, think about the pricing of your classes and online courses. Begin with market research to explore the industry trends and standard pricing plans. Make sure you come up with a pricing plan that justifies the value of your offers and your expertise in your niche. For example, one tutor can charge anywhere between $20- $100 an hour or even more, depending on the subjects they are tutoring and their target audience. Be aware that you can charge more for face-to-face classes and one-to-one sessions than group classes. 

Get the necessary setup

To tutor online, you will need a laptop or a computer and an internet connection. A webcam and a microphone are a good addition if you can invest early on. Invest in a high-speed broadband connection with at least 4MBPS speed. When you are working from home, background noise can be an issue that can be curbed by investing in a headset rather than using the laptop’s built-in microphone.

Choose the right technology 

Once you have decided to take up a career as an online tutor, you will have to choose an online platform that allows you to host and manage your classes easily. While you have many online platforms to choose from, your best bet is to create an online tutoring platform of your own with the unique functionalities that represent your teaching brand.

And if you want to create it in the simplest way and within budget, use tutor management software, a readymade script to launch your customized online tutoring website. If you are looking for an efficient tutoring software, Pinlearn is one such white-label tutoring marketplace software that offers 100% control over the script, and using it doesn’t require any advanced design and developmental skills.

Prepare for the classes or design the course

Each online course differs in its complexity and depth. Make sure you design and modify the direction of the lesson based on the subject and the number of students in a class. Then, decide on the length of the classes. Understand when it will be great to deliver group classes and when it is advantageous to divide students into smaller groups or individually to practice what they have learnt.

Consider integrating instructive videos and giving them tests to gauge whether your learners are absorbing the concept the right way. The key to success is to make your classes as engaging and interactive as possible. 

Embrace the uncertainties

Talking about your very first class, you must have a plan ready for it. However, when you are taking classes online, be ready to expect the unexpected. Prepare yourself to face challenges that might arise out of nowhere, sometimes even in the middle of your session. Before the class starts, make sure your students can access your tutoring website and are familiar with the interface. Also, make sure they have adequate system requirements, and a fast internet connection.

Have a backup plan in case you face any interruptions due to technical issues. Communicate with your students beforehand about what steps to follow once the class is interrupted due to any problems. In addition, you can offer a free consultation to make your students accustomed to your online tutoring platform. This trial and error strategy will improve the student performance and help to keep them coming back to you for more. 


I hope this blog gives you valuable inputs and insights on online tutoring and making a business out of it. Keep in mind, learners of today prefer to have access to everything on the go. Make sure your online tutoring website is mobile optimized. Additionally, consider offering mobile apps to cater to modern learners. 

Though online tutoring has been around for years, now is the time more and more people are embracing it. Hence, this is the right time for you to be at the forefront of the industry. Adopt modern technology to deliver your lesson efficiently to your target learners to grow your tutoring business to new heights.